Patent Wars: Samsung Faulted For Purging Email In Apple Case

The judge in the Apple vs Samsung patent case has been throwing the book at the Korean manufacturer. They recently went under fire for failing to turn over source code pertaining to a work-around that Samsung has used to protect itself from a patent Apple holds for “overscroll-bounce”. Samsung didn’t give that source code up

Florian Mueller Is A Fraud?

The interwebs went wild on Friday when it was revealed that trusted patent blogger Florian Mueller is actually being paid by Oracle and may be in line for a top paying job with the company that’s embattled in a bitter patent suit with Google. Over the past couple of years, the self proclaimed patent expert

Google: Galaxy Nexus Source Code Is A Trade Secret???

According to self proclaimed patent expert Florian Mueller of Foss patents, Apple and Google are again in a discovery dispute involving the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Mueller headlined his post: “Google to court: Galaxy Nexus code just like that of iPhone”. Apparently Mueller, nor Apple, is aware that the source code is posted to the Android

T-Mobile Sued Over NFC

A New Jersey company called On Track Innovations (OTI) has sued the nation’s fourth largest carrier over NFC. On Track Innovations is a contact-less payment company based in Iselin New Jersey. The company has partnered with credit card brands Visa and Mastercard to develop contact-less payment systems. On Track Innovations holds over 100 patents pertaining

ITC Quickly Rules In Motorola’s Favor In Apple Investigation

Last year Apple had accused Motorola of violating three of their patents in a complaint with the International Trade Commission. The three patents in question covered an “object oriented system locator system”, an “elipse fitting for multi touch surfaces” and “multipoint touchscreen”. Apple has used the “multipoint touchscreen” patent against several smartphone manufacturers including HTC

Apple Files Complaint Against Motorola With European Union Authority

Motorola has reported in a regulatory filing filed Friday, that Apple has filed a complaint with the European Union’s competition authority. The complaint alleges that Motorola Mobility is violating a pledge to license industry standard patents on fair terms. Because of Motorola’s years of manufacturing cell phones they hold a treasure trove of patents related

ITC Denies HTC In Final Ruling

Back in December the International Trade Commission squashed some of the Apple patent claims against HTC. However they still found in Apple’s favor in regards to patent ‘647.  HTC released the following statement in regards to that patent: “We are very pleased with the determination and we respect it. However, the ‘647 patent is a

Google Files Patent For New Unlock Screen

Back on October 25th after six years of waiting Apple was granted the patent for “slide to unlock”.  The patent number 7657849 was submitted by Apple back in December of 2005 and finally approved, six years later. When Steve Jobs introduced the very first iPhone he said: “To unlock the phone, I just take my

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Revealed To Be Root Of Latest Apple Patent Suit

According to this report from marketwatch, they’ve uncovered the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the root of Apple’s latest patent lawsuit against Samsung. They’ve also found that the suit includes one more allegation than previously covered here at Thedroidguy. Marketwatch uncovered that in addition to the patents we reported on last week on

Motorola Looking For 2.5% Of iPhone Sales For Patent Use

While Samsung and Apple have been battling it out in a worldwide patent theater, Motorola has taken a back seat. Well Friday Motorola returned front and center as a legal briefing from Apple’s lawyers in Germany has surfaced. The briefing details a request by Motorola Mobility to Apple for 2.5% of iPhone sales in exchange

Patent Wars: Apple Denied Injunction Against Samsung In Munich

The saga of patent wars between Samsung and Apple continues. This time a Munich judge has denied a preliminary injunction against Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n. Apple was hoping that their injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1n would be granted because Munich has a history of granting injunctions. Apple was

Apple Wins Ruling On Patent “At The Core Of Android”

As the patent war continues there was some interesting news this weekend as a judge has ruled in favor of Apple in an appeal regarding Apples 263 patent.  The 263 patent is believed to be at the core of Android and focus around real time API’s. The 6 member ITC had ruled against HTC in

Dutch Court Refuses To Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales

If you were under the impression that the Apple vs Samsung vs Apple court battles were winding down, you were sadly mistaken. However the tables are again turning for Apple who are most likely still celebrating their Q1 2012 results back in Cupertino. A Dutch appeals court in Hague, the Netherlands, ruled that the Samsung

Apple Wins Important Multi Touch Patent

While Samsung and Apple have been dealing blows back and forth in their current patent disputes spanning the globe, Apple just received another patent to put in their arsenal. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Apple a patent for their “core iPhone multitouch”. While touch screen smartphones predated the iPhone over at Apple