Google And Microsoft Resolve Patent Disputes

After over 5 years, Google and Microsoft have come to an agreement to resolve most of their nearly 20 patent-related lawsuits against each other. These lawsuits were mainly in the United States and Germany, and disputes will be resolved in both countries. According to Bloomberg: “The companies pledged in a statement to work together in other ways

Xiaomi Logo

Xiaomi strengthening its patent lineup before U.S. arrival

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra has mentioned that the company is strengthening its lineup of patents in anticipation of an imminent U.S. release. The company will also license some patents from major companies which should keep it safe from lawsuits. It has been speculated that the company’s primary hesitation to bring devices to the U.S. is the fear

Dual lens Google Glass

Google patents dual lens design for Glass

Google Glass currently functions only on either side of the lens and not on both sides. But it seems like that could change soon with Google patenting a Glass concept with the micro projector on both sides. Since this is only a patent filing, we don’t have much information on specifics and how Google intends to

Radial Menu

Google files patent for new Pie style navigation menu

A new patent filing from Google has revealed its plans to expand the radial menus deeper within Android. Currently available only on the stock camera app (Android 4.3 and higher), this new radial menu could soon make its way throughout the system. Custom ROM developers like Paranoid Android have integrated this ‘Pie’ style radial menu

Apple and Samsung fail to settle patent dispute out of court

Reports coming out of Korea suggest that Apple and Samsung have failed to come to a mutual agreement about settling the ongoing patent dispute between the two companies. The CEOs of Samsung and Apple reportedly met in Korea recently behind closed doors to settle this issue, but apparently nothing came out of the crucial meet.

HTC smartwatch

German court dismisses patent suit filed by Nokia against HTC

Nokia has been on a rampage lately, filing patent suits against HTC all over Europe. This ultimately led to the HTC One Mini being banned briefly in the UK before the Court of Appeals gave HTC a temporary breather by allowing sales of the smartphone in the region. Nokia’s battle against HTC continued as it

French company sues HTC and LG over patent infringement allegations

HTC and LG have been sued by France Brevets over NFC related patent infringement allegations. The exact patents which were infringed upon are as follows: Antenna signal amplitude modulation method Inductive coupling reader comprising means for extracting a power supply voltage While there’s no clarity on what either of these patents mean or stand for,

RIM Settles Patent Dispute With Nokia, Agrees To Pay Licensing Fees

Patent suits are filed against companies when one company feels that some other company is wrongly infringing on its patents without giving due credit. In the time we live in, patent suits are a fairly common occurrence. The most popular of all patent suits is the Apple vs Samsung patent trial, where Samsung received a

USPTO Invalidates Apple’s Pinch To Zoom Patent

Touchscreen smartphones is all we see around us today which is how far we’ve come in the field of technology. And one of the vital feature of modern day touchscreen mobile phones is pinch to zoom. Well, pinch to zoom is used almost everywhere right from images to text content, the feature is basically a