Google Bracing For More Patent Attacks, Bring it on!

Apparently Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond has spirit fingers because he’s basically said for Microsoft and Apple to Bring it on. In a blog post Wednesday on Google’s official blog, Drummong highlights what’s been going on in the battle to control as many patents as you possibly can. As everyone

Samsung Drops Pending Lawsuit Against Apple…Not Retreating Though

Last week Samsung went to the International Trade Commission seeking a ban on the import of Apple Products, citing pending patent litigation all over the world between both companies.  Over the weekend though, Samsung dropped a countersuit against Apple in California. Although some may think this is a legal victory for Cupertino, CA based Apple,

Paul Allen Invented Android???

Paul Allen, the infamous partner in Microsoft who has now made it his conquest in life to sue over patents, has refiled a patent suit against Google, well for just about everything.¬† According to Foss Patents, it’s not uncommon that those who bring forth patent and intellectual property lawsuits, have to go back to get

Uh Oh! Samsung and LG Sued by Vertical Computer Systems

A company called Vertical Computer Systems had filed yet another patent infringement suit against manufacturers of Android powered cell phones. The suit filed in the US District Court for the Eastern Part of Texas, names both Samsung, and LG as defendants. The devices in question are the LG Ally, and the Samsung Galaxy S: Captivate,