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Kodak all set to sell its imaging units

Kodak, the photography giant, is a very well-known brand. The company has been conducting bankruptcy proceedings for quite a while. For the first quarter of 2012, Kodak had reported a loss of whopping $366 million with total revenue standing at $965 million. The revenue has been down by 27 percent from the same quarter last

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Patent Wars Truce? Apple & Samsung Agree To Settlement Conference

In the ongoing saga of the patent wars between Samsung and Apple the two companies have agreed to a settlement conference. We’re not sure how much agreement there really was, being that presiding Judge Lucy Koh ordered the two companies to have a settlement conference within 90 days. The two companies will hold a settlement

Motorola Wins Again Against Apple In German Court

Back in February Motorola was granted an injunction in the German patent court which resulted in Apple having to disable push notifications in their iOS devices in Germany along with disabling Mobileme push notifications. As expected Apple quickly appealed the decision saying that Motorola’s patents were invalid. Well the German court today sided with Motorola

Apple Could Settle With Motorola And Samsung By Licensing

Nasdaq reported on Tuesday that Apple may be in discussions with Motorola and Samsung to license their patents to these two Android manufacturers. According to the Nasdaq report Apple has submitted proposals to both companies with a royalty ranging from $5-$15 per handset. Apple had initially offered Samsung a licensing agreement before the patent wars

Motorola Ordered To Disclose Google/Motorola Plans To Apple

U.S. Circuit Court Judge Richard A Posner, ordered Motorola to turn over information on the Google/Motorola merger to Apple. Posner is presiding over a patent dispute between Apple and Motorola in which Motorola is also counter suing Apple. “The Android/Motorola acquisition discovery is highly relevant to Apple’s claims and defenses,” Apple’s attorneys’ said in a

Patent Wars: Apple Denied Injunction Against Samsung In Munich

The saga of patent wars between Samsung and Apple continues. This time a Munich judge has denied a preliminary injunction against Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n. Apple was hoping that their injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1n would be granted because Munich has a history of granting injunctions. Apple was

Samsung Denied Italian Injunction Against iPhone 4S

In the ongoing saga that is the patent war between Samsung and Apple, Samsung was dealt a blow today in the Italian patent court. The Italian court that was hearing Samsung’s case for an injunction against the Apple iPhone 4S held two hearings. After the second hearing the court released their decision. Unfortunately for Samsung

Apple Grasping At Straws Or Shall We Say, Cases?

On Monday morning in a German court Samsung’s lawyers went back to the drawing board and added more to their patent infringement case against Apple. On Tuesday Apple made a very interesting move in the land down under as they’ve added cases to their patent infringement case in Australia against Samsung. No we aren’t talking

ITC Bans HTC Phones Effective April 12, 2012; HTC Has Plan Ready

A judge with the International Trade Commission handed down the commissions final ruling in a patent infringement case involving Apple and HTC.  The ITC announced a preliminary ruling back in July, finding that HTC had violated two of Apple’s patents. It was widely speculated in July that a ban of the importation of violating devices