Apple Could Settle With Motorola And Samsung By Licensing

Nasdaq reported on Tuesday that Apple may be in discussions with Motorola and Samsung to license their patents to these two Android manufacturers. According to the Nasdaq report Apple has submitted proposals to both companies with a royalty ranging from $5-$15 per handset. Apple had initially offered Samsung a licensing agreement before the patent wars

Motorola Ordered To Disclose Google/Motorola Plans To Apple

U.S. Circuit Court Judge Richard A Posner, ordered Motorola to turn over information on the Google/Motorola merger to Apple. Posner is presiding over a patent dispute between Apple and Motorola in which Motorola is also counter suing Apple. “The Android/Motorola acquisition discovery is highly relevant to Apple’s claims and defenses,” Apple’s attorneys’ said in a

Patent Wars: Apple Denied Injunction Against Samsung In Munich

The saga of patent wars between Samsung and Apple continues. This time a Munich judge has denied a preliminary injunction against Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n. Apple was hoping that their injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1n would be granted because Munich has a history of granting injunctions. Apple was

Samsung Denied Italian Injunction Against iPhone 4S

In the ongoing saga that is the patent war between Samsung and Apple, Samsung was dealt a blow today in the Italian patent court. The Italian court that was hearing Samsung’s case for an injunction against the Apple iPhone 4S held two hearings. After the second hearing the court released their decision. Unfortunately for Samsung

Apple Grasping At Straws Or Shall We Say, Cases?

On Monday morning in a German court Samsung’s lawyers went back to the drawing board and added more to their patent infringement case against Apple. On Tuesday Apple made a very interesting move in the land down under as they’ve added cases to their patent infringement case in Australia against Samsung. No we aren’t talking

ITC Bans HTC Phones Effective April 12, 2012; HTC Has Plan Ready

A judge with the International Trade Commission handed down the commissions final ruling in a patent infringement case involving Apple and HTC.  The ITC announced a preliminary ruling back in July, finding that HTC had violated two of Apple’s patents. It was widely speculated in July that a ban of the importation of violating devices

Samsung Files Additional Claims Against Apple In Germany

Samsung filed new patent claims in a German court this morning against Apple. The reports coming out of Germany are vague right now but the AFP is reporting that: Samsung said the claims, filed on December 16 with the Mannheim regional court, relate to alleged infringement of patents including those for Samsung’s telecommunications standard technology and

Samsung Largest Mobile Phone Maker In The World In Q3 2011

It’s no secret that there is an intense war going on between Samsung Mobile and Apple. They are taking each other on in patent courts around the world.  Steve Jobs, made no bones about it when speaking to author Walter Isaacson in his recent biography. Jobs feels that Android is stealing from Apple. In that

Uh Oh After 6 Years Apple Granted Patent For Slide To Unlock

The United States Patent and Trademark office has just approved patent number 7657849, which is the patent for slide to unlock. Apple submitted the patent back in December of 2005 and it’s finally been approved. Before the patent was approved Steve Jobs put the patent pending technology on the first iPhone and at the unveiling

Sony Considering Buying Out Ericsson

While the hardware has been nice the Sony Ericsson Xperia brand of Android phones hasn’t faired nearly as well as the likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola and even LG.  Their latest Android device to hit the states, the Shiny Ericsson Xperia Ray had to be released as an unlocked device because Sony Ericsson was unable

Samsung EU Injunction Lifted Except In Germamy

Good news for Samsung Mobile, as their EU wide injunction has been temporarily lifted until the German patent court that originally granted Apple the injunction, rules on Samsung’s appeal. In the meantime Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s can be sold across the European Union except in Germany. Also, the Netherlands was exempt from the original injunction.

Apple Has Samsung Scrambling, Sets Sites On Motorla Xoom

I knew it, I knew that at some point while reporting this Apple vs every Android OEM in site I would resort to finding this clip on Youtube and using it for the art for a patent war story. After you watch the short clip, hit the break

Apple Wins Injunction Stopping Galaxy Tab Sales In Europe

We’ve just heard via the Silicon Alley Insider through German news agency dpa that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung temporarily blocking the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in other parts of the European Union except for the Netherlands.  This German injunction comes with some very stiff penalties.  According to