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What do you think of Xiaomi’s Pressy clone, ‘MiKey’?

Xiaomi has announced an add-on accessory button that plugs into the phone’s audio jack. If this sounds familiar, then you may have already heard about Pressy, an earlier successful, but yet-to-ship, Kickstarter campaign that essentially does the same thing. Here are our thoughts on the matter. In August last year, a startup called Pressy launched

Samsung Patent

New Samsung patent filing reveals a tablet with curved edges

A new Samsung patent filing has revealed a mystery tablet with an interesting looking design. This device seems to have slightly curved sides, while the display itself is not curved. This could make for a better handheld experience, as only the ends are curved and not the entire tablet itself. Of course, the exact implementation

Backside Touch Control

Backside Touch Control for Transparent Displays Patented by Samsung

The US Patent & Trademark Office recently revealed that Samsung has developed its very own Backside Touch Control technology. According to Patent Bolt, the invention of Samsung aims to benefit their future devices with transparent displays. The article explains that the invention enables devices with transparent displays to detect touch-enabled controls from the front and


Samsung files patent for a device similar to the ASUS Padfone

It seems like Samsung is planning to tread on ASUS’ territory as a new patent filing reveals a Padfone like concept from the Korean manufacturer. Samsung has been granted the patent D685,774 quoted as “Terminal for Wireless Communication“. The design shown in the patent filing seems a little different from what most of us would

Google applies for patent for back panel touch controls

Google has filed an application for a new patent at the US Patent & Trademark Office for back panel touch controls. According to Patent Bolt, the Mountain View company aims to introduce such controls for actions such as turning the page of an e-book, or moving to the next article in a website, scrolling through

Nokia Rumored to Drop Samsung as Components Manufacturer

Samsung has been involved in a rigorous patent suit with Apple since the past couple of years. Samsung has been found to be infringing on some of the patents held by Apple. Samsung was alleged of copying several design elements of the iPhone 3GS. Maybe for this reason, Apple decided to move away from Samsung

Patent: Solar charging integrated into touchscreen

Apple has always been known for filing all kinds of patents without any regards to whether they will be using it in the future or not. The latest patent that Apple has been granted is called as “Integrated touch sensor and solar assembly”. There are several ‘solar charging’ apps out there which claim to charge

The iPhone Found To Be Infringing On 3 MobileMedia Patents

We’ve seen Apple go to the courtrooms more often than any other company in recent times, and that’s because it holds a large number of patents which are often unintentionally infringed on by other companies. But today we have learnt that this time it’s Apple which has infringed on 3 patents jointly held by Nokia,

Why multi-user login won’t come to Android 4.2 phones?

On October 29th, Google launched latest version of its Android operating system, the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Yes, it was previously thought that it would be called as Key Lime Pie, but Google has decided to go with Jelly Bean. Google has added several features in Android 4.2. One of those interesting features is the

Nokia files a patent for new variety of photo sensor

Nokia 808 PureView is the first ever smartphone which features Nokia’s PureView technology. The technology is basically a pixel oversampling technique which essentially decreases an image taken at full resolution into a lower resolution image, achieving higher definition and light sensitivity in the process, and also enabling lossless zoom, which is a pretty nice feature