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Monstro For Android Creates Monstro SXSW Charts For SXSW Music Lovers

Monstro is a cool new app for Android that aggregates what’s popular and trending musically on Twitter. ¬†It’s the first music site that unleashes the full potential of Twitter when it comes to music search, sharing and discovery. Once the music is aggregated Monstro links the user to where they can buy it, or stream it instantly.

With the SXSW music festival happening this week in Austin, Monstro has created a specific chart app for just SXSW music. Like the original Monstro, it will aggregate what’s hot at SXSW in terms of musicians, shows, and performances. The Monstro SXSW will crowd source those on Twitter who are at shows, showcases and performances and link users to the artists.

Monstro SXSW charts is a perfect way for people attending the music portion of SXSW to see whats hot and where they need to be to hear the best music. More than that though, it’s great for people at home that can’t make it to SXSW this year so they can hear the cutting edge new music.

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