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Nexus 7 Gets Wireless Charging With a Tricky/Risky Mod

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is widely popular with Android fans for more than one reasons. However, it lacks certain bling features which you see in new age devices. And one of them is Wireless Charging. While the feature isn’t available in most devices in the market today, it is a good feature to have.

Sprint Palm Pre Falls Victim to Android

This isn’t the story every Android fanboy has been waiting for, that Android has killed the iphone. However it is the story that Android has killed the Palm Pre, at least on Sprint. Sprint rolled out the Palm Pre as their flagship device in June of 2009 to battle AT&T’s iPhone. Both Palm and Sprint

Is AT&T Palm Preing their very own phone

The Curse of the Palm Pre…. Many people in the Wireless industry speculate that the reason Palm Pre wasn’t as successful as initially planned, and why the momentum never built the way Sprint and Palm initially intended, is because it debuted within weeks of the Iphone 3GS. So in protecting themselves from the mystique, culture,