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Alcatel One Touch could bring Palm smartphones to the market again

According to entries made on the USPTO website, trademarks for Palm have been transferred to a company called Wide Progress Global Limited. While this usually won’t make for exciting news, the fact that the VP of this company is also the President of Alcatel One Touch Americas and Pacific, makes for some interesting speculation. This

Open webOS 1.0 Edition released

webOS is a pretty stable mobile operating system initially developed by Palm and is based on Linux kernel. WebOS was designed as a replacement OS for Palm devices running Palm OS (Garnet OS) and four Treo devices running Windows Mobile. The company launched new devices such as Pre, Pixi, and Veer, all running on webOS,

Now What’s Going On With Palm? Rubinstein Out At HP

John Rubinstein was instrumental in the creation of the first iPod when he worked at Apple. While Steve Jobs was on the outs at Apple and started NexT computers he recruited Rubinstein to be head of engineering. In 2006 Rubinstein left Apple and eventually became CEO at Palm. He is the brains behind the Palm

Microsoft Jumps Into High Gear On webOS News

That didn’t take long. Fresh on the heels of the news that HP was shutting down their webOS shop, Microsoft has made a very lucrative offer to published webOS developers. Microsoft’s Senior Director of Windows Phone 7 development, Brandon Watson tweeted out to any published webOS developer that Microsoft would give them all the tools

Best Buy Wants A Refund On HP TouchPads

OUCH!! Unwired by way of Precentral is reporting today that the HP TouchPad could be breaking a record, but not a good record.  The HP TouchPad is reportedly selling so poorly that Best Buy is looking for a refund on some of the 270,000 TouchPad’s they ordered. According to the report Best Buy has sold

Nielsen: Android Most Popular OS PERIOD

Top ratings and research firm announced today that the most popular smart phone OS is Android. Nielsen just conducted a study of 14,701 Americans and 29% of those postpaid subscribers surveyed owned an Android phone. 27 percent of those surveyed owned an iPhone and 27% owned a Blackberry. Windows Phones had a 10% of the

Graffiti For Android Goes Offline Via Pro

Great news for nostalgic palm graffiti lovers and those who prefer a stylus on their Android device, the Graffiti for Android app has gone pro. You’ll pay $2.99 for the new pro version of the app but it’s ad-free and it doesn’t require an internet connection.  When Access released the original free version it had