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Huawei P9 Plus

[Deal] Dual-SIM Huawei P9 Lite with dual-cameras for $442.99

Huawei’s most recent dual-camera phone, the #P9 is now selling on eBay for just $442.99. This is a high-end offering, so the price tag shouldn’t surprise you. The rear cameras come with Leica branding, although Huawei has clarified that it only got creative input from the Leica team. The smartphone features a pretty decent hardware

Huawei P9

[Deal] Huawei P9 with 12MP Dual cameras for $439 from eBay

Huawei’s infamous P9 smartphone is now available for purchase at just $439 from an eBay retailer. This is a decent amount of savings on a flagship product such as this one, especially considering the kind of hardware it boasts. Now coming to the whole “infamous” bit. Well, the handset uses Leica’s branding, which has caused