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OnePlus apologizes to fans for missing Oxygen OS release deadline

The OnePlus One is expected to get the Android 5.0 update through CyanogenMod 12S. But in India, where CyanogenMod updates are blocked on the device, the company’s upcoming Oxygen OS ROM is the only way to get Android 5.0 on the OnePlus One. The company has already missed a couple of release deadlines in the past

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OnePlus shows off its Android 5.0 OxygenOS ROM in a short video

The Android 5.0 based OxygenOS ROM for the OnePlus One was teased not too long ago. Although the official arrival has been scheduled for February 12, the company has uploaded a short teaser video giving us a closer look of the new ROM. Earlier in the day, a leak from China revealed some convincing looking screenshots of the