Gaming based startup Ouya Inc said to be up for sale

According to a leaked internal memo, popular game console maker Ouya has put itself on sale. The company hasn’t come out and confirmed this report as of yet, but it seems to be legitimate going by the contents of the memo. Ouya started off as a Kickstarter funded gaming console a few years ago and

Benchmark reconfirms Asus Game Box specs: Android 4.3, Tegra 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM

Untroubled by Nvidia and Ouya’s struggles with making their latest Android game console efforts relevant, Asus forges ahead with its own Shield rival/trend-setter wannabe, a controller supposedly dubbed Game Box. First spotted in an AnTuTu benchmark and subsequently blessed by the Bluetooth SIG with the necessary regulatory approvals to see daylight, the Asus Game Box

Ouya No Longer Requires Game Developers To Offer Free-To-Try Games

Ouya recently announced a new policy that will allow game developers more freedom in creating games for the company’s Android game console. Previously, game developers were required to offer free-to-try versions of the games that they released for the Ouya. A new policy now no longer requires this, which means that developers may or may

New Refreshed 16GB Ouya Android Console now Available for $129

The original Ouya Android gaming console launched with just 8GB onboard memory, and although for the $99 price it retailed for is justified, the memory issue has been among the greatest concerns that users and experts criticized.  Not so long after the original Ouya was unveiled, the maker rolled out a limited edition all-white version


Amazon offering the Ouya gaming console with a $10 discount

The Ouya gaming console has been very popular among the gaming community mainly due to its versatility coupled by the cheap pricing. Well, if you were planning on gifting this console to your loved ones, you would be pleased to know that the console has just gone cheaper by $10 through Amazon. This is a

OUYA System Update “Abominable Snowman” Is Now Live

Do you own the OUYA Android gaming console? The console is getting an update which is now live today and it’s a huge one. The “Abominable Snowman” update brings several improvements to the console most notable in the user interface which has been revamped. The company describes the interface as “more intuitive, visually appealing, and

An All-white Limited Edition 16GB OUYA Unveiled

Just last week, OUYA, the new Android gaming console, was on the news over the promise of a new revamped user interface of the console rolling out. But what we didn’t know is that there had been a new limited edition console in development.  Today, it has been revealed that a new all-white limited edition OUYA


New update to the Ouya console will bring a revamped UI

The Android based gaming console, Ouya, has been widely popular among gamers for its simplistic approach towards conventional consoles. And this gaming console will soon receive an update which will reportedly change the default interface completely. The UI of the console has been somewhat criticized for its layout and presentation of titles, but that will be


Ouya addresses problems with Free The Games Fund

Free The Games Fund has been hit with quite a bit of controversy, between the fact Ouya is locking in developers on a six month exclusivity contract to the fact some Kickstarters have mislead buyers into believing their game is well liked by the community. Ouya has addressed some of these problems by lowering the


Ouya CEO hits back at controversy surrounding Free The Games Fund

Ouya’s Free The Games fund started a few months ago, this was created to fund indie developers on Kickstarter through the $1 million in funding Ouya had acquired. The two rules were the game had to be exclusive to the Ouya console and it had to raise over $50,000. If the Kickstarter succeeds, Ouya would match the


Telltale Games bringing The Walking Dead to Ouya

Telltale Games have brought The Walking Dead game to almost every platform in existence, including Xbox 360, PC, PS3, iPad, iPhone and just recently the PS Vita. For some reason, Telltale has yet to bring it to Android, but they are bringing it to Ouya. Ouya is a part of Android in some ways, it

Ouya will finally be available to purchase tomorrow at $99

After initially shipping to Developers and Kickstarter backers, the Ouya gaming console will finally be available for consumers to purchase starting tomorrow (6/25/2013). The console will cost you $99, and comes with one controller, although more controllers can be purchased at $49 each. Multiple retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Target are already getting


Ouya delayed until June 25

Ouya, the company responsible for the very successful Android console Kickstarter, has announced they have had product delays. The Ouya console was expected to come early June, but this has been pushed back to June 25. Ouya still is confident they can get all consoles out to backers who paid for the Kickstarter project out before May

BlueStacks Takes on Ouya in the Sub $100 Console Wars

BlueStacks is a startup that has been bringing Android apps to Mac and PC has announced that it has passed the 10 million user milestone, since Ouya has gained much ground via the crowd funding website Kickstarter BlueStacks is retaliating to show that they are the top dogs in this space. BlueStacks has brought more

OUYA Announces CREATE, A 10 Day Competition Worth $45,000

Popular Kickstarter funded company OUYA in partnership with Kill Screen has just announced a competition that will surely interest all the game developers out there. The contest, which is called CREATE, will last for ten days and is open to game developers around the world. A total of $45,000 worth of prizes is at stake..

Ouya Android Gaming Console Up Close And Personal

Last week the dev console versions of Ouya began shipping out to Kickstarter investors. This Android gaming console which is expected to ship out in March for $99 is quite unique since it is a crowd funded project which has its roots over at Kickstarter. A total of 1,200 units were shipped out and some