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5 Best Email Apps for Android Smartphones

Hate them or love them, emails are one of the most used forms of communication, with over 205 billion emails sent every single day. Of course, most of them end up in the spam folder, but someone has to read those that don’t. That someone is you. And if you’re like us, you do most

Samsung Corporation Warns Employees To Prepare For Bad Economy

Although Samsung sold over 300 million mobile phones in 2011 and it’s been forecast that they will sell over 150 million smartphones this year, Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee has warned employees at their S. Korean headquarters to brace themselves for a weak economy. While the worldwide economy is in an economic downturn South Korea’s

Sprint’s Motorola Titanium Just Got More Business Friendly

The new Motorola Titanium on Sprint may not be the most Android enthusiast friendly phone.  It was released with Froyo, an outdated version of Android, and Android enthusiasts may turn their noses at it. However it’s designed for Nextel with business in mind. The folks at Companion Link recognized that the target on the Titanium