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Optimus L90

Optimus L90

[Deal] Unlocked LG L90 for $69.99

You can now get the #LG #OptimusL90 for just $69.99 courtesy of a deal running on eBay. This is LG’s mid-ranged offering that was originally selling via T-Mobile and has been available unlocked since. This means you can pair this particular handset with any carrier/network of your choice. The smartphone comes with a 4.7-inch 960

Optimus L90

[Deal] LG Optimus L90 for $69.99

T-Mobile’s LG Optimus L90 is now available on eBay for just $69.99. The smartphone comes with a pretty attractive hardware specs sheet, especially for the price quoted by the seller. The handset also features LG’s iconic Knock Code security feature, allowing you to unlock the device with a series of unique knocks or taps on the

LG L90

T-Mobile and MetroPCS announce the LG Optimus L90 and L70

T-Mobile and MetroPCS have just announced the Optimus L90 and the Optimus L70 handsets respectively. The Optimus L70 can be snatched up from MetroPCS right away while the Optimus L90 from T-Mobile will arrive on the 30th of April. Both are midrange smartphones and are sold off contract with a very attractive price tag. The bigger