LG Announces Press Event in NYC on August 7

LG announced tonight that they will be holding an “international media event” on August 7 in NYC. We’re not sure what they specifically mean by that, but we’re guessing they’re going to be announcing the next generation Optimus phones, especially after they told us last night that they will be using Snapdragon 800 processors in

LG’s next generation Optimus phone will use Snapdragon 800 Processors

LG and Qualcomm announced something sort of interesting tonight. Their next smartphone, the successor to the Optimus G, will use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 800 processor. LG didn’t announce a name or anything, but its due out later this year. The new Snapdragon 800 processors will feature a 75% increase in performance from a Krait 400

Sprint starts rolling android 4.1.2 on Optimus G handsets

  If you are a proud owner of a LG optimus G on Sprint, then we have some good news for you. Sprint has officially rolled out the next version of android for all of their LG Optimus G devices. The official sprint twitter account tweeted the following, “Software update for LG Optimus G brings

BOGO on Sprint LG Optimus G

  Update: Amazon currently offering the LG Optimus G for only $49.99, comes out to be a better deal than the Sprint buy one get one free deal. Valentine’s day is approaching fast and several carriers out there are offering buy one get one free offers on some of the most popular handsets available in

LG Has Sold 1 Million Optimus G Smartphones Since its Launch

LG smartphones are usually not associated with large volumes of sales as evidenced by the dismal last two years it has had. However, the company’s latest flagship before the Nexus 4, the Optimus G managed to win plenty of fans both in its home turf Korea and in the U.S. The smartphone was a massive

Specs of the LG Optimus G Pro Surface in the Rumor Mill

With the little that we know about LG’s future smartphones, we’ve been able to figure out that there’s something big coming at MWC 2013. This was initially believed to be the much anticipated successor to the Optimus G, but these claims didn’t hold much weight and we heard that the 5.5-inch 1080p smartphone, the Optimus

LG Plans to Sell 75 Million Handsets in 2013

LG has not been the most successful smartphone company in 2012, and we all know that. There’s a very good reason why that has happened. Well, to begin with, LG was never the trend setter (except with the Optimus 2X). If you look at last year’s Optimus 4X HD, there was hardly anything new with

LG Takes a Dig at Apple With a New Optimus G Poster in Korea

LG is not necessarily the most profitable smartphone company in the world, especially with fellow South Korean company Samsung standing in competition. However, if there is one thing common with these companies (besides their origin) or any other major Android/WP OEM today is that they all have a collective hatred of all things Apple. This

LG Optimus G Follow-Up Already In The Works

The LG Optimus G hasn’t been with us that long with only releasing a bit over a month ago, but that isn’t stopping LG from working on future plans. The company seems to already be planning on a successor to the LG Optimus G. It’s beginning to look like its going to be one heck

LG Optimus G up for pre-order at Rogers

LG Optimus G is said to be the most powerful smartphone manufactured by LG, and its hardware specs support the claim. The device went on sale few weeks back in South Korea and the company has received better response than expected. The phone has managed to create a lot of buzz. The device will be

AT&T, Sprint to offer LG Optimus G, release date slated in Q4

South Korean manufacturer, LG, officially announced its latest entry into the high-end Android market on September 19th confirming its superphone flagship will be coming to the United States. No information as to which providers in the U.S. would offer the handset then. However, the latest press release from LG USA already confirms two of the

LG E973 Optimus G Leaked Out

Absolutely everyone by now has heard rumors of the forthcoming “superphone” by LG, and those rumors are indeed very true. The Korean OEM has only just recently started their own “teaser” campaign to carry these rumors a little further. The Optimus G is set to have a Snapdragon S4 Pro and a whopping 2GB’s of