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Oppo N1 photo

Oppo N1 photo with ultra-thin bezels surfaces

A new exclusive Oppo N1 photo has surfaced online, thanks to GizChina. The image shows off the handset’s ultra-thin bezels and camera user interface. There is some text written in Chinese, which GizChina says talks about the camera’s ability to capture clear images even in low light, as well as minimize blurring and noise due


Oppo Find 7 coming sometime late next year

The Oppo Find 5 was a huge success for the upstart Chinese company, who until the Find 5 had no name in the Western world and little recognition in the home country. Since the push to Europe and even getting into some hands of Android power user hands in the US, Oppo has been more


Oppo N1 to feature Snapdragon 800 and microSD expansion

Even though the Oppo N1 is only scheduled for a Chinese release, the Find 5 has made the company almost global. Oppo may still be an unknown brand to the average consumer, but to Android fans, Oppo is one of the many up-and-coming Chinese manufacturers making incredible products. The Oppo N1 is set to be

Oppo Teases the N1 Release With A Countdown

The new smartphone from Oppo, the N1, is only a few days away from being fully revealed, according to a new countdown on the official site. At the time of this writing, it is 3 days and 23 hours away from being revealed. The N1, which has been leaked before, is rumored to have a

Oppo N1 rear touch panel

Oppo N1 rear touch panel teaser arrives

The Oppo N1 rear touch panel is teased in a new ad promoting the camera-oriented smartphone. The teaser shows a photo of the bare back of a woman. In the middle, the double entendre “Don’t just touch the front, the back is also interesting…” appears. Apart from the Oppo N1, the PlayStation Vita comes with

Oppo N1

Oppo N1 could launch as an Xperia Honami competitor next month

Oppo has just teased the arrival of a new camera oriented smartphone with the N1. The smartphone apparently sports a 12MP (or 16MP) camera sensor with its Owl technology to boost low light photography. And instead of a standard LED flash, Oppo is believed to have gone with Xenon instead. Oppo’s teaser has barely revealed