Oppo Find 7 debut set for March 19, benchmark lists Full HD display, not 2K

Little-known China-based electronics manufacturer Oppo made its first waves in the Android landscape by partnering with CyanogenMod for the swiveling camera-toting N1 handheld, but it became clearer and clearer over the past few months that the 5.9-incher was just the beginning. Oppo’s next step in its quest to world domination? A little big thing called

Oppo Releases CyanogenMod ROM For The Oppo N1

There are two versions of the Oppo N1. The first is running on Color OS, the company’s own customized version of Android, and the second is a limited edition device running on CyanogenMod. Those who bought the regular edition of the device will be pleased to know that the company has released a CyanogenMod ROM

Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition now available for $599

It’s the day the CyanogenMod team has worked tirelessly to see, and it’s finally here: the CyanogenMod (CM) Edition Oppo N1 is now available for purchase in the US. The CyanogenMod Edition, which will be shipped in limited quantities and runs on CM 10.2 out of the box (with all the Google apps), can be

Oppo N1 Becomes First Google CTS-Certified CyanogenMod Phone

The CyanogenMod team announced Thursday that the Oppo N1 has just become the first CyanogenMod smartphone that passed Google’s CTS (compatibility test suite). This means that it can officially run Google apps and gain access to the Play Store without the need to of sideloading. A thank you statement posted at Google groups says that

Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod

Oppo N1 officially launches in the U.S. today for $599

Oppo has just launched the unique looking Oppo N1 in the U.S. today as originally scheduled. The smartphone is sold unlocked and will cost $599 for the 16GB model and $649 for the 32GB variant, which isn’t a lot considering the features it packs. The smartphone is popularly known for its ability to flash CyanogenMod

Oppo N1 launching in the US and Europe on December 10th

Oppo has announced that it will be launching the Oppo N1 in the U.S. and Europe on December 10th, for $599 and €449, respectively. The N1 is notable for being the first smartphone that will come with CyanogenMod pre-installed, and buyers will be able to choose between the popular custom ROM and Oppo’s “Color” OS

Oppo N1 Android Smartphone Now Officially On Sale In China

Last September Chinese smartphone maker Oppo revealed its latest smartphone called the N1 which came with notable features such as a 5.9-inch display and a 13-megapixel camera placed on an adjustable hinge. Today, the device has finally gone on sale in China with a price of CNY3498 ($574). Only 10,000 units are available from the

Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod

Limited edition Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod to arrive in December

A limited edition of the Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod right out of the box will soon hit the market, according to an announcement today from the handset manufacturer. The special Oppo N1 will be available starting next month, with a customized version of CyanogenMod that will integrate seamlessly with the features of the Oppo smartphone.

Oppo N1

Oppo N1 goes official with a 5.9 inch display and 13MP camera

Oppo has officially announced the N1 smartphone at an event in Beijing. The smartphone has been making its way to the rumor mill quite often and this revelation finally puts an end to months of speculation. The smartphone has all the makings of a true flagship (for the Chinese markets) and could potentially be the

Oppo N1-CyanogenMod Phone May Have Dual Boot Leaked Conversation Reveal

It became apparent that CyanogenMod had its eyes on bigger things when it became a company.  Rumors surfaced a few days ago about possible handset for CyanogenMod custom Android versions.  Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik appeared in a CyanogenMod-OPPO partnership teaser video which was the final confirmation that a CyanogenMod phone is actually coming. It is now clear

Oppo-CyanogenMod partnership

Oppo-CyanogenMod partnership teased in video?

A new video teasing the upcoming Oppo N1 smartphone could be hinting at an Oppo-CyanogenMod partnership. The video, which lasts for only 20 seconds, surprisingly features CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik. Kondik, wearing Google Glass, says that he is looking forward to attending the Oppo launch in Beiijing China. He also says that some exciting news

Oppo N1 photo

Oppo N1 photo with ultra-thin bezels surfaces

A new exclusive Oppo N1 photo has surfaced online, thanks to GizChina. The image shows off the handset’s ultra-thin bezels and camera user interface. There is some text written in Chinese, which GizChina says talks about the camera’s ability to capture clear images even in low light, as well as minimize blurring and noise due


Oppo Find 7 coming sometime late next year

The Oppo Find 5 was a huge success for the upstart Chinese company, who until the Find 5 had no name in the Western world and little recognition in the home country. Since the push to Europe and even getting into some hands of Android power user hands in the US, Oppo has been more


Oppo N1 to feature Snapdragon 800 and microSD expansion

Even though the Oppo N1 is only scheduled for a Chinese release, the Find 5 has made the company almost global. Oppo may still be an unknown brand to the average consumer, but to Android fans, Oppo is one of the many up-and-coming Chinese manufacturers making incredible products. The Oppo N1 is set to be

Oppo Teases the N1 Release With A Countdown

The new smartphone from Oppo, the N1, is only a few days away from being fully revealed, according to a new countdown on the official site. At the time of this writing, it is 3 days and 23 hours away from being revealed. The N1, which has been leaked before, is rumored to have a

Oppo N1 rear touch panel

Oppo N1 rear touch panel teaser arrives

The Oppo N1 rear touch panel is teased in a new ad promoting the camera-oriented smartphone. The teaser shows a photo of the bare back of a woman. In the middle, the double entendre “Don’t just touch the front, the back is also interesting…” appears. Apart from the Oppo N1, the PlayStation Vita comes with