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Oppo Find5 X909 Vies For Thinnest Quad-Core Android Title

The competition for the thinnest smartphone has been going on for some time, with devices claiming to be the thinnest, only to be dethroned a short while later by a slimmer device. This time, a device called the Oppo Find5 X909 declares not that it is the thinnest smartphone per se among all devices currently

World’s Thinnest Smartphone Oppo Finder Costs $395 Outright

When news broke out that a China-based company had just developed the world’s thinnest smartphone called the Oppo Finder, one of the questions that first emerged was: how would does it cost? Last month, it was rumored that the 6.65 mm thin Android device would retail for as much as 3,999 Yuan or around US$630.