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Opera Seals Deal With Skyfire for $155 Million

Internet browsers are a key medium to access information in the modern era. The emergence of internet is such that, we cannot imagine our lives today without these browsers. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera among others have been the most preferred desktop browsers in the world. Each user will have his/her

Opera Passes 300 Million Users, New Mobile Apps Soon

Opera, one of the many browsers out there alongside others such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, has announced it has passed 300 million users worldwide. This is an interesting turn in the browser wars, Opera is typically thought to be one of the lesser competitors in the war. The news from Opera also

Opera To Show Off New, More Social, Browsers At MWC

Opera is one of the largest third party mobile browsers. They have been in the mobile browser game since the Blackberry days, so eons before competitors like Dolphin Browser and even Firefox. Opera has issued a press release letting everyone know that they’ll be showing off a new Opera Mini and a new Opera Mobile

Opera Mini Releases Top 10 List With High Usage In Russia

Opera’s mobile web browsing software has been a staple with smartphones since before the days of iOS and Android. Today Opera boasts 144 million users around the world. They’ve released their list of top 10 sites visited on Opera Mini in 2011. Russian sites did surprisingly well on Opera Mini. At the top of the

Opera Mobile for Android Coming Soon with New Features

So Opera has decided to ratchet up their game by introducing a new beta.  The name for their beta release is going to be Opera Mobile for Android.  For those out there who are Opera fans, you can rejoice because in the beta version you will have a pinch to zoom option.  This will be

App Battle: Android 2.1 Browsers

Intro Welcome back to the battlefield, Droidguy readers.  Today we’ve got a real doozy on our hands as we attempt to pit the best Android 2.1 browsers against each other and find out which one deserves to be your web workhorse of choice.  As we all know, the browser wars on the desktop are always