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Phonebloks is a new smartphone made of detachable blocks

Two days ago, Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands, posted a video on YouTube and a crowd-speaking campaign on Thunderclap, showing a new idea on how to make smartphones reusable and sustainable, similar to how users upgrade a PC. The campaign, called Phonebloks, is designed to make every part of the smartphone visible on

Meg Whitman: Android May End Up Closed Source Rather Than Open

In one of her first public speaking engagements since she took over as CEO of HP, former Ebay CEO and California Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman, made some interesting statements about Android and her WebOS. Whitman, made a statement, purely speculative in nature, about the Google/Motorola acquisition. Whitman told the crowd that she thought Android would

Google to close Android, say bye bye to open source

Yes are favorite way to give reasons as to why we rather use a green robot over a semi eaten fruit is about to be gone. As first reported by Bloomberg Business this morning Google is now telling the OEMs that it’ll no longer allow for customization as its done in the past. There will