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OnePlus Two

OnePlus looking to “shake up the tech industry” on June 1

The OnePlus Two (or 2) smartphone is expected to be revealed later this year. And it seems like the company could be eager to bring it to the markets sooner than expected if a new teaser is anything to go by. The company mentioned the following on its Google+ page earlier today – “We’re always

OnePlus Two Invite

OnePlus Two will be available through invite system

OnePlus promised to make some announcements today and hasn’t left us disappointed. The company has officially confirmed that its current flagship device, the One will be available without an invite permanently going forward. The company however had some bad news to share about the upcoming OnePlus Two flagship. The manufacturer mentioned that in order to

OnePlus One

OnePlus Two will break cover in late 2015: Report

According to a new report, the OnePlus Two smartphone will not launch until late 2015. The smartphone was originally expected to break cover sometime in mid-2015, right around the time of the predecessor’s launch last year. So what’s causing the delay? Well, no points for guessing, but it’s the Snapdragon 810 chipset which is reportedly pushing

OnePlus One

OnePlus Two rumored to be launching with a QHD display

The OnePlus One has topped almost every best of 2014 charts. And naturally, there’s quite a lot of excitement about the successor to this handset. A new report now suggests that the manufacturer is looking to keep the size unchanged with the OnePlus Two, but bump up the display resolution to 2560 x 1440, keeping up

OnePlus One

OnePlus Two timeframe officially confirmed

The OnePlus Two is expected to launch sometime next year, although was no confirmation from the company as to when. And now, according to Carl Pei, who is the director and most recognizable face over at OnePlus, the smartphone will launch by Q2 or Q3 next year, just an year after the OnePlus One was originally launched. Since it’s

OnePlus working on its own ROM for the OnePlus 2

The makers of the OnePlus One are reportedly working on a new custom ROM for the successor, the OnePlus 2. This is expected to replace the Color OS ROM from Oppo which is seen on some variants of the handset. The company has confirmed that the new ROM will be available only in Chinese units of the upcoming