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5 Best AT&T Phones in 2019

AT&T customers have it great this year. They can choose from a wide range of excellent smartphones—not to mention that AT&T plans to overhaul its prepaid plans. Besides the smartphones sold directly by AT&T, new and existing customers can also bring their own device and use them on AT&T’s network. With so many enticing devices

5 Best Phones with Dual Cameras in 2019

Modern smartphone cameras can accomplish astonishing feats. They take sharp, vivid images that are often indistinguishable from images taken by expensive, professional digital single-lens reflex cameras. They record ultra-high-definition and slow-motion video that would be impossible to capture with anything but the most cutting-edge video cameras just a decade ago. And what’s perhaps the most

5 Phones With The Most RAM In 2019

We often argue about whether having more RAM is necessary for a smartphone. There’s also the debate on whether RAM capacity is more important than the onboard CPU. The answer is no. You can’t really get the right kind of performance with either. So it helps to have the best of both worlds, which most

OnePlus Details Android 10 Update Plans for Older Devices

While OnePlus has talked about the Android 10 update for its 2019 handsets like the OnePlus 7 Pro as well as the freshly launched OnePlus 7T which will feature Android 10 by default, the company was relatively quiet about its update rollout plans for older devices. Well, the company has now offered a detailed timeline

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus specs comparison

Smartphone technology has no doubt come a long way since it was first invented. Today, the debate is not whether a single camera can be good, but it’s about how good dual-cameras can perform. Phones like the iPhone 7 Plus and the recently launched OnePlus 5 are an excellent example of this. Smartphones like these