5 Best Smartphones with the Most RAM

Whether you want to play the latest games or enjoy unlimited multitasking, a smartphone with a large amount of RAM is the way to go. We have selected top 5 best smartphones with so much RAM that you would have to try very hard to fill it up. RAM Versus ROM Before we go any

10 Best Dual SIM Android Smartphones 2020 Edition

Dual SIM Android smartphones are not only extremely practical, but they are also becoming increasingly more common with each passing year. Users can use two SIM cards to take advantage of more affordable mobile data plans, consolidate personal phone calls with business, or as a way how to stay connected when traveling internationally. But which

5 Best Unlocked Android Phones Not Sold by Major Carriers in 2016

When you dare to venture out into the uncharted waters that lie beyond the world of major carriers, you discover unlocked Android smartphones that offer tremendous value and features that are hard to find elsewhere—at least not for the same money. But decision paralysis is a tricky beast, which is why we have already done

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T to get Nougat update before the end of 2016

With the #OnePlus3T going official earlier today, customers of the #OnePlus3 were concerned that the company would start focusing more on the newly launched device. This is a concern mainly because the OnePlus 3 is awaiting the Android 7.0 Nougat update. However, the company has assured customers that the OnePlus 3 will receive the update by the end

[Deal] OnePlus 3 for $429.99

An eBay seller is offering the #OnePlus3 for just $429.99. The handset has just received a refresh in the form of the OnePlus 3T, so the timing of the launch couldn’t have been better. With reports largely suggesting that the OnePlus 3 might cease to exist after the OnePlus 3T, this deal might be your last

OnePlus 3

OnePlus quashes rumors of a OnePlus 3 alternative with an LCD display

Earlier today we talked about the possibility of #OnePlus launching a slightly inferior version of the #OnePlus3 with an LCD panel due to the high demand for its Optic AMOLED panels. However, OnePlus top brass, mainly Carl Pei, has rubbished all these rumors across multiple social media outlets. Pei said that despite the fact that

Unknown OnePlus handset spotted in Chinese listing

With plenty of speculation surrounding #OnePlus and its alleged plans to cease the production of the #OnePlus3, a new leak seems to be giving credence to the notion. A listing on 3C, which is a Chinese device certification site, has revealed a mystery OnePlus handset. While not much is known about the device itself, we

OnePlus 3

OnePlus already working on the Android Nougat update for the OnePlus 3

Some #OnePlus executives recently held a Reddit AmA (Ask me Anything) session, wherein fans from across the world asked them a series of questions pertaining to the company’s handsets. One of these questions was with regards to the Android Nougat update for the #OnePlus3 flagship. Well, the company has officially announced that the update is

OnePlus 3 - Headphone Jack

OnePlus joins the party by mocking the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Over the coming days, we can expect to see a myriad of companies poking fun at #Apple for the lack of a few key features, which are otherwise quite common on existing flagship devices. One such exclusion made by Apple is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. While Apple perhaps has its own reasoning

OnePlus 3 Gold

OnePlus co-founder shoots down OnePlus 3 mini rumor

A rumor from yesterday suggested that #OnePlus was probably working on a mini version of the #OnePlus3. But as soon as this particular rumor surfaced, the co-founder of OnePlus was quick to dismiss it. He also made sure to use the hashtag #rumorshutdown, to make it clear that this was just a rumor. It’s good

Soft Gold version of the OnePlus 3 teased ahead of its launch

The Soft Gold version of the #OnePlus3 was originally announced back with the standard Graphite model, although OnePlus mentioned that the Gold version will be available only by late July. Now that we’re already in late-July, OnePlus has started teasing the arrival of this new variant. As of now, the handset is only available in

OnePlus 3

OnePlus resumes the Oxygen OS 3.2 update for the OnePlus 3

The #OnePlus3 recently started receiving the Oxygen OS 3.2 update, but the company shortly halted the rollout citing certain issues. Well, #OnePlus hasn’t taken long to sort out those issues as the flagship is now seeing the update again. This is officially known as Oxygen OS 3.2.1, so those who received the 3.2 update are

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 will soon be expensive in the UK following Brexit

Right after the UK voted to leave the European Union, #OnePlus posted a warning of sorts to its fans that the #OnePlus3 might soon be expensive given the fluctuation in the British Pound (GBP) compared to the U.S. Dollar (USD). Well, it hasn’t taken long for that day to finally arrive as OnePlus has now

OnePlus 3

OnePlus halts rollout of Oxygen OS 3.2 for the OnePlus 3

#OnePlus started sending out the Oxygen OS 3.2 update for the #OnePlus3 starting yesterday. However, the company has now announced that the update rollout has been halted. OnePlus mentions that there were some “issues” reported while updating, although the company didn’t elaborate as to what those issues were. The update brought along sRGB mode on

OnePlus 3 Gold

OnePlus 3 could see a price increase in the UK following Brexit

Brexit has really hit the companies hard. We recently heard about companies like Samsung, LG and Acer expressing concern about the results of the Brexit vote. We’re now seeing OnePlus offering a word of caution for its fans following the drop in value of the British Pound (GBP) against the Dollar (USD). The company maintains

Red OnePlus 3

Red OnePlus 3 spotted online

A Chinese retail listing has revealed the presence of the Red #OnePlus3, confirming that the company is working on more colors. As of now, the OnePlus 3 is only available in Graphite, with a Gold version slated to be available sometime in July. We’re guessing that the company will also have the Red version ready