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One Touch Fierce

T-Mobile One Touch Fierce

[Deal] T-Mobile Alcatel One Touch Fierce for $49.99

The T-Mobile branded Alcatel One Touch Fierce was originally launched back in 2013. The smartphone is now available on eBay for just $49.99. The handset comes off contract, but is only compatible with T-Mobile’s networks. The device is refurbished. You’re not getting much in terms of hardware, which is to be expected since this is

T-Mobile One Touch Fierce

T-Mobile launching Alcatel One Touch Fierce and Evolve in October

T-Mobile has just announced the availability of two new Alcatel One Touch series smartphones known as the Fierce and Evolve. These are midrangers at best, so don’t expect any high end specs on board. The smartphones will be available through T-Mobile’s standard down payment plans. Users will have to shell out $27.99 for the Evolve and $19.99 for