HTC One mini

HTC to no longer make ‘mini’ phones

HTC has tried its hand at the ‘mini’ smartphone segment with the likes of the One Mini and the One Mini 2 over the past two years. However, the two smartphones have barely seen any success in the market given the emergence of bigger phones. The company seems to be aware of this situation and

Pricing of the HTC One Mini 2 revealed by Finnish retailer

A couple of retailers in Finland have inadvertently revealed the pricing of the HTC One Mini 2, even though it’s yet to be released. This appears to be a placeholder for what’s to come, so the prices might change at launch. The pricing mentioned here is €522.90 and €521.70 which is approximately $725, so it’s

HTC One Mini 2

Another press image of the HTC One Mini 2 leaked out

We recently saw an image of the HTC One Mini 2 being revealed by a case manufacturer. And now, the handset has shown itself yet again but in an authentic looking press image, something which you might see being used in promotional materials in the future. As you can see above, the One Mini 2 will