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HTC posts short teaser video for the One Max

HTC has just posted a very short teaser video showing a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr greeting an old man with an HTC smartphone (presumably the One Max) and walking off with a briefcase. As the video ends, we see the title “Here’s To Change” merging to form ‘HTC’. This is a clear hint at

HTC One Max

HTC One Max compared next to a tiny looking Motorola handset

The HTC One Max has been spotted yet again, but this time in the form of a size comparison picture with the 4 inch Motorola XT882. The poor Motorola smartphone is completely overshadowed by the enormity of the One Max as you can clearly see from the image above. The leak comes from Taiwanese source

HTC One Mini and One Max pegged for a late July launch

According to a new rumor, the HTC One Mini and the One Max could be launched by the end of this month on German carrier O2. The report comes from a German blog which vouches for the authenticity of this rumor. If HTC is looking to launch the device by the end of July,