HTC One Max

HTC One Max now getting updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop

The HTC One Max smartphone was launched in 2013 by the company as a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Although it failed to deliver on that front, the device is still used by many out there. And as its sibling, the One M7, started receiving the Android 5.0 update a couple of months

HTC One Max

HTC unveils Black HTC One Max in Hong Kong

The HTC One Max was launched amidst lot of hype and expectations from HTC fans. Although they weren’t disappointed with the phablet after its launch, they weren’t too excited either. Maybe it was the fingerprint scanner on the back or the weaker CPU on board, but it just didn’t make a splash in the smartphone

AT&T HTC One Max

AT&T HTC One Max leaked out in the wild

The HTC One Max went official last week to a rather lukewarm response. We still have no idea when the smartphone will land in the U.S. but it was said that Verizon and Sprint will carry the smartphone at launch. AT&T has just joined that list with a new press image of the AT&T HTC One Max leaking out.

HTC details the functioning of the fingerprint scanner on the One Max

With Apple announcing the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner a.k.a the TouchID sensor, there were some serious concerns raised regarding privacy of the users. So it was imperative that questions would be raised when HTC announced the One Max smartphone with a fingerprint sensor of its own. And the Taiwanese manufacturer has now cleared

International pricing for the HTC One Max leaked

The HTC One Max which broke cover a couple of days ago to a pretty lukewarm response now has its pricing leaking out, thanks to a Chinese source. In China, the smartphone will be reportedly carried by China Mobile and China Telecom, with the latter featuring dual SIM support while the China Mobile variant will

HTC One Max compared next to the Galaxy Note 3

The HTC One Max has made its way to leaks yet again, but this time in a size comparison. Featuring alongside the HTC phablet are the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the recently announced Galaxy Note 3. These images give us a brief idea of what to expect from the HTC phablet when it is


Pricing and availability of the HTC One Max leaked

The HTC One Max is one of the most talked about phablets after the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. But with the latter already announced, it’s the One Max which is still tinkering with our minds. And thanks to a leak coming out of Chinese social networking site Weibo, we now have information about its hardware

HTC One Max Branding

HTC One Max branding leaked on Twitter

The existence of the HTC One Max isn’t news to us, as several leaks over the past few weeks have been eye opening. And now the branding image of the smartphone has leaked, showing the name in its entirety. This is what we can expect to see on future cardboard cutouts or newspaper ads for

HTC One Max Press

HTC One Max phablet will make its way to Sprint: Rumor

The ever reliable Evleaks on Twitter has dropped some juicy information on the upcoming HTC One Max phablet, which got its name confirmed earlier today. According to Evleaks, the One Max phablet will make its way to Sprint in the U.S., making it the second carrier after AT&T to get the phablet in the country.

One Max FS

HTC One Max spotted with fingerprint scanner

Taiwanese source ePrice has managed to spot an image of the trio of HTC smartphones from 2013 – the One, One Mini and the One Max all posing together. This image gives us a better idea of the size difference between the three smartphones and a whole lot more about the upcoming One Max smartphone.

one max

HTC posts short teaser video for the One Max

HTC has just posted a very short teaser video showing a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr greeting an old man with an HTC smartphone (presumably the One Max) and walking off with a briefcase. As the video ends, we see the title “Here’s To Change” merging to form ‘HTC’. This is a clear hint at

HTC One Max

HTC One Max compared next to a tiny looking Motorola handset

The HTC One Max has been spotted yet again, but this time in the form of a size comparison picture with the 4 inch Motorola XT882. The poor Motorola smartphone is completely overshadowed by the enormity of the One Max as you can clearly see from the image above. The leak comes from Taiwanese source

HTC One Mini and One Max pegged for a late July launch

According to a new rumor, the HTC One Mini and the One Max could be launched by the end of this month on German carrier O2. The report comes from a German blog which vouches for the authenticity of this rumor. If HTC is looking to launch the device by the end of July,