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Best quick-charging Android smartphones money can buy

Charging your phone every single night after returning from work, school or a stroll around town in order to be able to start again the next morning without losing track of your Facebook friends, favorite Twitter feeds or Pinterests might well be the most annoying modern-day chore. It’s not only boring as can be, but

[Deal] Boost Mobile HTC One A9 for $149.99

The #HTC #OneA9 is now available on eBay for just $149.99. The smartphone comes with a fairly attractive hardware specs sheet underneath and was one of the first smartphones last year to come with Android Marshmallow by default. The hardware specs sheet is mid-ranged at best, but for the price being quoted here, we think

HTC One A9 - Official

[Deal] Unlocked HTC One A9 for $249.99

The unlocked version of HTC’s popular handset from late-2015, the #OneA9, can now be yours for just $249.99. The deal comes courtesy of an eBay retailer, where the handset has been selling for quite some time now. The One A9 was a pretty unique device for its time. While early critics called it a blatant

HTC One A9

[Deal] HTC One A9 for $259.99

The #HTC #OneA9 from 2015 is now available for an attractive price of $259.99 via eBay. The smartphone was launched hot on the heels of the Android 6.0 announcement, with HTC promising timely and rapid updates for the device going forward. Although the company has fallen short on that promise recently, it’s no doubt going to

HTC now offering the One A9 for $299

For a short time, #HTC will sell the #OneA9 through its American online store for just $299. This is quite the discount considering the fact that this 2015 mid-ranger debuted for $499. Most people might still be hesitant to get the device considering that it’s a year old in the market. But given the hardware

[Deal] 32GB unlocked HTC One A9 for $269.99

The unlocked version of the #HTC #OneA9 can now be grabbed via eBay for just $269.99. The smartphone comes with HTC’s classic high-end design, although it’s only a mid-ranged offering. You might remember the One A9 as the first (non-Nexus) device to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow by default. Keeping this in mind, the device is

[Deal] 32GB unlocked HTC One A9 for $299.99

The #HTC #OneA9 is now up for grabs from eBay for just $299.99. This is the unlocked version of the smartphone, of course, and comes equipped with the best mid-ranged hardware you can expect from a 2015 device. While software was the main focus for HTC when the One A9 was released, its hardware is

HTC One A9

[Deal] 16GB HTC One A9 for $329.99

The #HTC #OneA9 smartphone is now available for just $329.99 from an eBay retailer. The handset, as you would recall, is HTC’s late 2015 offering which was aimed at the iPhone 6s. In fact, the handset did fairly well during the Black Friday sales, returning good figures for the company. Well, if you missed out

HTC One M10 could borrow design inspiration from the One A9

According to a revelation made by renowned leakster @evleaks, the #HTC #OneM10 smartphone might share a lot of its design with the #OneA9 handset from late last year. This should have been apparent from HTC’s statement following the One A9 launch, where the company said that more devices of the nature would be rolling out from