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Instapaper Bought By Owner of Digg Betaworks

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Instapaper is a paid app that lets you save web articles to read later, this is especially useful when you are away from wifi or when your 3G connection gets a bit sketchy. The app has a small crowd of devoted users how swear by this app and they use it multiple times per day.

Instapaper has now been bought by New York bases the hybrid investor/ incubator/ holding company Betaworks, just last year the company acquired the social news site and shortly after relaunched it hoping to bring back some of the lost users. So it looks like the company is in good hands for the time being.

Words from the Creator and Betaworks CEO

In an email written by John Borthwick CEO and founder of Betaworks said “Starting 14 months ago I began to move Betaworks into being an operating company, In our first three years we were a factory for building companies, we built them and spun them out, hired CEO’s and got other people to fund them. 14 months ago I paid our investors all their money back and started making the shift to operating company.”

The creator of Instapaper Macro Arment wrote in a blog post on his personal blog, explaining how the sale is not a total buy out; Betaworks will only take a majority stake in the app and not buy the thing outright. Arment added “To really shine, it needs a full-time staff of at least a few people, but I wouldn’t be very good at hiring and leading a staff, and after more than five years, I’d like an opportunity to try other apps and creative projects.”

Betaworks has been building around the social reading and discovery market and with the acquisition of Instapaper they are adding more tools for saving and sharing news that’s important to the reader. Brothwick wrote that Instapaper would be a “perfect fit” along side Digg and its new Digg reader, which they hope will fill the gap that Google reader left.

Apple Enters the Fray 

Apple entered onto Instapaper’s home turf two years ago when they added the reading list feature to Safari on iPhone and iPad; reading list allows users to save pages s they can read them later. This new Safari feature then made the decision for user who want to read webpages later $3.99 cheaper.

Even Instapapers creator Arment new that the addition of reading list spelt disaster for the app; he tweeted “Shit” after Apple announced reading list at WWDC 2011 – this conference turned out to be founder Steve Jobs’ last conference.

Digg seems to have benefitted from a change of ownership, in fact the social news site seems to have grown 93 percent over the last year since being relauched by Betaworks. Maybe Betaworks will work their magic on Instapaper if they decide to change the app in anyway and then relaunch it.

Source – TechCrunch  


Pocket Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Pocket is a great app that all smartphone owners should use. A lot of us like to read news articles, stories and other things on our smartphone, but when we are out and about there really isn’t time to read interesting articles that are published. When you get home and search for that article, it’s like it’s almost impossible to find it again. Often, you won’t even find that article unless you bookmark it for later. Doing that will fill up your bookmarks extremely fast though. Pocket allows you to read articles whenever you want, even if your phone has no internet connectivity.

It’s really simple to use Pocket. Lets say your in your preferred browser and found a article on Yahoo News that looks especially interesting. Going to that article you find out that it’s a bit longer than you expected and you just don’t have the time to read it, but you do want to read it later when you do have time. What you do is click on “Share” for that specific page, and then select the Pocket app. Pocket will save the article in the Pocket app for you to read at a later time. It essentially downloads the full news post with images and everything (although, I have not tested to see if it downloads videos or not. I would assume that it wouldn’t).

Pocket also makes it extremely easy to delete articles off of Pocket as well. That way the application won’t get cluttered with old articles you have already read. Granted, Pocket already does a great job when it comes to organizing downloaded articles. Most of the time there will barely be any clutter. I guess deleting articles would remove the amount of scrolling you have to do though. Users also have the ability to favorite articles, which will make it a bit easier to sift through all of the articles you push to Pocket.

Overall Pocket is a great way to simply save articles you want to read for later. They’ve even provided a dark theme as opposed to their regular white theme for night reading. It’s a very user friendly application, simple to use and designed really well. Now you will never have to miss reading an interesting article ever again thanks to Pocket. One of the best things about this is that when you save the article to Pocket you can view it on any device that has the Pocket app installed. Including your desktop computer. Although, this will require you to have a internet connection as the only device it downloads the article on is the one that you used to save the article to pocket.

Pocket is a free application, so you won’t be shelling out any cash on this. It is available on both Android and iOS. This isn’t confirmed, but I would assume that the developers would also make it available for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS as well. We’ll just have to see about that though.

In the mean time, make sure to give this app a download!