LG officially confirms its new octa-core mobile chipset

It is common knowledge by now that LG is working on its own mobile chipset for its future smartphones. But we haven’t had official confirmation from the company apart from the myriad of leaks that we have seen over the course of the weeks. Today, the company has finally put an end to all the

Galaxy S5

Benchmark results of the octa core Samsung Galaxy S5 now out

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is known for its various features such as the heart rate monitor and the fingerprint scanner. But it is also known for its raw internal hardware like the processor, as with any other modern flagship. However, the smartphone is going to be launched in two different variants. While we know about

Exynos 5422

Samsung unveils new hexa-core and octa-core chipset

Samsung has just announced the arrival of the Exynos 5260 hexa-core (6 cores) chipset and the Exynos 5422 octa-core chipset which is a slight improvement over the Exynos 5420 which was announced last year. This new hexa-core chip has already been used on the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, while the Exynos 5422 will be used

Top five reasons why Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can’t please us all

It’s almost here. Yet there’s still so much about it we don’t know. Or rather, we’re unsure of. At least two primary Samsung Galaxy S5 versions (not counting sub-varieties like the Zoom or Mini) will presumably roll out at some point, but no one’s certain if both the “Standard” and “Prime” are due for announcements

MediaTek announces the MT6592 “true octa core” chipset

MediaTek has been prepping the launch of its true octa core chip for quite some time now, and the chipset has been finally made official today by the Chinese manufacturer. The chipset will be known as the MediaTek MT6592 and will be capable of running all eight cores simultaneously, unlike Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chip.

Top 4 Octa-Core MT6592 Smartphones Launching This Week

It used to be that quad-core processor based smartphones were the most powerful devices in the market. Right now there are a few devices that are sporting quad-core chips but then most of them can only use four cores at a time. Mediatek has come up with a solution to use all eight cores at

First Smartphone with a True Octa-Core Chip Unveiled in China

A relatively unknown Android Smartphone UMI X2S has snatched the crown to be the first Android device (smartphone) to have a ‘True’ octa-core processor, it just emerged.  The guys at GSM Insider were tipped of a smartphone paraded an electronics fair in Hong Kong early this week boasting of a MediaTek MT6592 SoC. If you follow

Exynos 5 Octa

Galaxy S4 and Note 3 not getting true octa core support: Samsung

The Exynos 5 Octa chipset currently runs on the international variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3. But shortly after the announcement of the Galaxy Note 3, it was claimed that OEMs can enable true octa core support for the Exynos 5 Octa chips, allowing all eight cores to run simultaneously instead

Octa-core HTC One

Octa-core HTC One possibly leaked

An octa-core HTC One may be on the way, according to a new leak that surfaced on the Greek website Tech Community. The purported leak comes in the form of a screenshot of the device’s About section. Under CPU field, octa-core is indicated. The same screenshot also shows that the update to the HTC may

Huawei Will Launch an Octa Core Mobile Chip in 2013

Huawei has very ambitious plans for the mobile industry and with good reason. The company is a lot like Samsung in many ways. Not only is it known for top of the line smartphones, which would put the best smartphones to shame, it also uses its own home cooked chipset on its Android devices. We