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Moto 360 Now Available For Sale In The UK From O2


While the Moto 360 can be ordered from many retailers in the US, it’s not as widely available in the UK. It was already available directly from Motorola and Google Play, but now you can purchase it through the carrier O2.

Like from other retailers, this Moto 360 includes all the items in the box and costs £199.99. It is only available in black, so if you want a different color, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

This device used to be only available for pre-order, but right now you can order it and get it the next day. Are you still interested in the Moto 360 or do you want a different device?

Source: O2 via Android Police

HTC One getting Sense 6 update on O2 and Three in the UK

HTC One getting Sense 6 update on O2 and Three in the UK

Those owning the original HTC One and using them on the O2 or Three networks in the UK can now update their phone to the latest version of HTC’s proprietary UI. The company is currently rolling out the Sense 6 update to O2 and Three networks, according to its UK support page, and also to the unlocked GSM model in the country. (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 now up for pre-order in the UK


Samsung’s latest flagship is now available for pre-ordering in the UK, right on the scheduled date that was announced a couple of days ago. Major retailers Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u and Amazon are now taking pre-orders, and so are carriers Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three, with the SIM-free price starting from as low as £559.99.  (more…)

Google Nexus 5 Availability and Pricing Roundup – Why to Buy, Where to Buy, Where Not to Buy

Do you need mystery leading up to product announcements in order to pull off box-office hits in the mobile landscape? Many people would say yes, definitely, but Google is about to prove them all wrong.

Every in and out concerning Big G and LG’s Nexus 5 was known and documented well before the thing became official, yet a lot of folks tuned in to the rather unglitzy, lackluster official presentation last week. And by the looks of it, the entire world wants in on the Nexus fun.


Otherwise, how can you explain the initial Google Play stocks have been exhausted already and the earliest Nexus 5 cravers could hope to get their grubby hands on a “precious” is November 8 via Sprint? You can’t now, can you?

All that being said, let’s cut the bs and lend a helping hand to anyone looking to score an N5. Ladies and gents, here’s why, where and for how much to buy Google’s ace in the hole and why and where not to buy it:    

Google Nexus 5 – Why to Buy

It’s not rocket science. People dig the N5 because, on paper, it’s everything the N4 isn’t and can take on most competing giants for a fraction of their price. Okay, so it may not be powered by a swanky 64-bit CPU, like we know what rival.


And its camera and battery look a little underwhelming (emphasis on “little”), compared to, say, the LG G2 or Sony’s Xperia Z1. But what about the Snapdragon 800 power? And 2 GB RAM, and splendid 4.95-inch Full HD screen, and skinny 8.6 mm profile, and even the 16 and 32 GB storage options?

Can you find them elsewhere? Sure you can, but you’ll either have to compromise on build quality and brand reliability going for some unknown OEM from China, or pay north of 600 bucks outright. Meanwhile, the N5 starts at $350 and runs pure vanilla Android 4.4 KitKat, with no unnecessary bells and whistles on top.

Where to Buy

The “where” of the equation is also simple… in theory, but in reality things are much more complex and complicated. As long as you have a choice, don’t even think about it and get the Nexus 5 via Google’s Play Store sans contractual obligations.

Nexus 5 Google Play

There are no strings attached, no headaches and, best of all, the 5-incher won’t cost you an arm and a leg, going in the US for $350 with 16 GB of built-in storage and $400 with double the memory and in the UK for £299/£339. Valid both in black and white.

Now, as things stand, Americans have to wait between two and four weeks for the handheld to leave Google’s warehouses, whereas in GB it’s six to 14 days. Sounds like an eternity, but the alternatives are not worth the premiums.

The number three wireless carrier stateside, Sprint, is one of those alternatives, with the Nexus 5 up for pre-orders and shipping from November 8. However, the price “leaps” to $150 with 2-year pacts or 50 bucks if you bring your number from a different network. That’s not so bad, you say? It’s actually cheaper? Think again and, this time, do the math on the long haul. Also, think long and hard. Will you be as much in love with the device two years from now as you are today? I highly doubt it.

Nexus 5 Sprint

If you’re still willing to pen a pact, know that Best Buy sells Sprint’s Nexus 5 as well, for $150 and with November 8 set as an ETA. As for carrier AT&T and “UnCarrier” T-Mobile, they’ve only confirmed they’ll be getting the beast sooner or later, mentioning nothing on exact dates and pricing, which is never a good sign.

In the UK, Carphone Warehouse currently estimates white units will next be delivered November 7, with black models following eight full days later. Both can be had with Vodafone and O2 contracts, as well as SIM-free for an incredibly low £295 ($470).

Nexus 5 Carphone

Finally, Brits can choose to take their business directly to O2, which offers the in-stock (!!!) N5 for no upfront charge on select plans and a luxurious £530 outright.

Where and Why Not to Buy

There are a number of reasons you could snub the newest member of the Nexus family or at least hold off on your purchase. The availability woes alone are bound to discourage a number of prospective buyers. Also, there are those that just can’t settle for anything less than the best and, even Google has to admit it, the Nexus 5 is not the absolute bestest smartphone.

Certainly not in the battery life department and probably not as far as its camera goes either. And don’t even get me started on the lack of external storage.


As to where not to buy it, beware primarily of eBay duds. Better yet, don’t use eBay period. Not for purchasing mobile devices. Things are at the moment not as bonkers as they were last year, when charlatans were asking as much as 1,000 bucks for unlocked N4s, but there are sellers hoping to offload some N5s for around $600 a pop.

Granted, I can’t go so far as to say the entire of eBay is rotten and there are trusted sellers that charge in the vicinity of $450, but why make your life complicated when you can make it simple? That goes for more “serious” retailers as well, including Amazon and even AT&T or Best Buy.

Nexus 5 official


In other words, it’s best to just not settle for a penny north of Google’s recommended pricing. However hard it may be to wait. And trust me, your Play Store time will come at one point. Who knows, maybe LG learned a thing or two from last year’s N4 availability debacle, so things might be much smoother this time around.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date and Pricing Roundup – US, Canada, Europe

The moment you jumbo-sized Android smartphone lovers have been waiting for roughly 12 months now has finally arrived. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the sequel to the best phablet yet, has been “Unpacked”, looking awesome albeit not as game-changing as some expected.

Why buy it?

Sans fingerprint recognition technology, with a smaller display than it was initially tipped and an overall spec sheet that resembles a little too much every high-end Android released of late or due to go on sale soon, the Note 3 is bound to get its fair share of haters.


Yet something tells me the number of GNote 3 aficionados will overwhelm and ultimately squash the skeptics. It’s not intuition, nor is it any kind of sixth sense I might have about the way the mobile tech world works.

It’s just cold facts and numbers. Like 3 GB of RAM. Or 8.3 mm thin profile. Or 151.1 mm height, which is an incredible 0.1 mm more than Note 2’s measurement, all while the “next big thing” rocks a usable screen real estate larger with 0.2 inches.

Galaxy Note 3-2

The cherry on top of it all is a dazzling faux-leather back, which might just silence the ridiculous ongoing plastic vs. metal debate. Hoping that you’re now more decided than ever to upgrade (or get on the GNote bandwagon for the first time ever), here’s everything we know about the thing’s pricing and availability:

Galaxy Note 3 in US – where, how much, when?

Five is the number of carriers stateside already confirmed to sell the 5.7-incher, with the known details at this time summarized as follows:

  • Verizon – The exact date when shipments are to start seems the only standing enigma as far as Big Red is concerned, with pre-orders live as of today, September 6, 9 AM EST, and pricing set at $299.99 with two-year pacts and $699.99 outright. America’s number one network will also reportedly sell the Note 3 bundled with a Galaxy Gear smartwatch, for a total price of $599.98.
  • AT&T – Though still behind Verizon in number of subscribers, Ma Bell is continuously stepping up its game when it comes to big releases. Hence, the Note 3 is up for pre-orders already, with an October 1 ETA. The on-contract price tag is the same (i.e. $299.99), but oddly off-contract the 5.7-incher costs a tad more – $724.99.

Galaxy Note 3 AT&T

  • T-Mobile – There are no words on a launch date with Magenta, nor have pre-orders been opened, but on the bright side the pricing structure is very attractive. You’ll be able to score the Note 3 “in the coming weeks” for $199.99 upfront, plus 24 monthly payments of $21 each.
  • Sprint and US Cellular – We’ve bundled these two together because they insist on being secretive, meaning they’ll likely come late to the launch party. Probably sometime in mid-October, with pricing starting at $300 with carrier agreements.

Can’t possibly wait until next month? Have fat bags of money just lying around? Then maybe you’ll be interested to know Negri Electronics has the Note 3 up for pre-orders starting at a hefty $780 price with estimated availability beginning September 28.

Canada availability and pricing

Although we’ve always had the sense Canada was viewed as a key market for Samsung, the Koreans are unexpectedly shy about Note 3’s prospects up north. As of yet, we essentially only know the name of the Canadian operators set to carry the device (Bell, Rogers, Telus, Mobilicity, SaskTel, Videotron and WIND Mobile).


No words on an exact release date, nothing on pricing and the only ETA Sammy is ready to reveal is a horribly vague “later this year”. Not cool, Samsung, not cool at all!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 EuroTrip – dates, costs

It’s near guaranteed Samsung’s latest spearhead will take the old continent by storm in the following month or so, but I’m afraid, with the exception of UK and Switzerland (?!?), everyone else has been left hanging for now.

  • EE UK – Up for pre-orders in a 4G LTE-enabled flavor in physical stores starting less than 24 hours ago, the Note 3 is to go live online soon, but the exact launch date is still kept under wraps. As far as pricing goes, you’ll need to cough up £149.99, pen a customary 2-year contract and pay an additional £31 a month (which however includes unlimited calls, texts and 2 GB of data).
  • Orange – Also available on pre-orders here, the Note 3 goes for an upfront fee of £120 with £42 monthly plans.
  • T-Mobile – The other sub-branch of the EE giant offers the 3G-only phone for £140 with £42 plans.

Galaxy Note 3 unveiling

  • O2, Three, Vodafone – Just like in America, the latest member of the Galaxy family will be available with all major networks, but these three are more timid, so they don’t have pre-orders live as of now, nor have they announced pricing details or release dates. Based on rumors and speculations, they should however kick shipping into gear around the same time as their competitors, which will be by the end of September.
  • Unlocked-Mobiles – The third-party retailer doesn’t only take pre-orders already, but it also pinpoints a Note 3 commercial release date: September 29. The phablet is of course far from cheap (£598.97 outright), albeit it’s not preposterously expensive either… considering.


  • Phones 4USeptember 25 is when the seller estimates the first phones will be out and about, with pricing starting at £0 upfront (with £47 Orange or Vodafone plans). The deal sweetener is that if you pre-order the thing online, you get a free flip case, £120 worth wireless speakers, plus a £100 discount on subsequent Galaxy Gear purchases. Not bad!
  • Switzerland – This is by far the weirdest part of our roundup today, but, believe it or not, we know the recommended retail price of the Note 3… in Switzerland. It’s 939 CHF unlocked and SIM-free, which is roughly 1,000 US bucks. Ouch!

Other sources: T-Mobile, Sprint, Mobile Syrup, The Inquirer, Telegraph, Geeky-Gadgets

Windows 7.8 Update Starts Rolling Out This January 31

We all know that Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone owners won’t be able to upgrade their devices to Windows Phone 8. But that does not mean that they won’t be getting the Windows Phone 8 experience as Microsoft previously announced that they will be releasing an update called Windows Phone 7.8.

windows 7.8

Although Microsoft hasn’t made any official statements yet on when the update will be released some major network carriers have already made their announcements on when the update will be rolling out. Australian network Telstra reported that the update to the Nokia Lumia 800 will arrive this January 31 for its subscribers. UK carrier 02 also responded to a tweet by its customers regarding this update saying “by the end of January”. O2 of Germany also tweeted out that the Lumia 710 will be getting the update sometime this January.

Windows Phone Columbia also made an announcement via their Facebook page stating that “As of January 31 and during the first quarter of 2013 some phones with Windows Phone 7.5 will be receiving 7.8 update… Happy weekend.”

The upcoming update won’t be released simultaneously worldwide as carriers in the US haven’t made any announcements of it yet. We are expecting AT&T and T-Mobile to roll this update out quickly once they get it. Verizon on the other hand is known for delaying the roll out of their updates.

So what does the upcoming Windows 7.8 update bring? Listed below are some of its features.

  • New homescreen experience with more room for your Live Tiles. Now resizable.
  • Set the Bing image of the day as the Lock Screen wallpaper.
  • Pocket and child Lock screen Security
  • 20 new accent theme colours
  • Bluetooth Share (for DRM free media files)
  • Cinemagraph add-on to create blend and photo and movie-like animation, creating photos that are alive
  • New camera lenses to remove unwanted objects in your photos such as passers-by or people on the edge of the shot the spoil the photo.
  • Updated Contacts Transfer application
  • Updates Contact Share application
  • Ringtone Maker application

via wpcentral

White Sony Xperia T Going SIM-Free Next Week

The Sony Xperia T, has been released for a couple weeks now, but consumers wanting to get their hands on a white variant of the device in the United Kingdom are going to have to see O2 about that.

If you have been itching to get a white variant of the Xperia T, Clove Technology will have the white version of the handset in stock next week. Of course, SIM-free devices usually cost you a bit more, so you’ll be shelling out a good £378 on the device. Although, that’s actually a pretty good price for what the device brings to the table, in my opinion.

The Sony Xperia T offers some superb specifications, which you can check out below:

  • 4.6” HD Reality Display powered by the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine for razor sharp clarity
  • 13MP fast capture camera that goes from sleep mode to snap in just over a second
  • Full 1080p HD video recording capabilities and a 720p HD front camera for the highest quality content
  • Easy connectivity with ‘One-touch’ function enabled by NFC
  • PlayStation™ Certified
  • Latest generation 1.5GHz dual core processor for improved battery life, fast performance and ultra sharp graphics
  • Android version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Will be upgraded to Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) following launch.
  • MHL connectivity for viewing content on a big screen without the need for a charger
  • Use Xperia TV Dock with MHL to HDMI converter and charging connector to enjoy photos and videos on an HDMI enabled TV
  • 16GB of internal memory
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Micro USB
  • Wi-Fi® Hotspot functionality
  • Support: microSD, up to 32GB
  • In some markets Xperia T will be known as Xperia TX
  • Talk time: Up to 7 hrs
  • Standby time: Up to 450 hrs
  • Battery: 1850mAh (embedded)
  • Available in Black, Silver and White colors

Clove Technology is taking pre-orders for the device right now. You can head on over to their website via the source link below to get pre-order information and etc.

source: Clove
via: Android Central

Nexus 4 Is Actually Unlocked On O2 UK’s Network Despite Previous Reports Saying Otherwise



If you’re residing in the United Kingdom, chances are you weren’t able to pick up Google’s LG-manufactured Nexus 4. Although, you may still be able to grab yourself a 16GB model of the Nexus 4. It’s a bit more expensive, but might be away to get a Nexus 4 earlier than just about everyone else with the backorder and all. If you’ve been following the tech world at all, you should know that O2 was able to get a month of exclusivity with Google’s Nexus 4. That means that O2 will be the only carrier in the UK you can get a Nexus 4 from until mid-December or so. While you could argue that Carphone Warehouse has the Nexus 4 as well, O2 is carrying an unlocked Nexus 4 while Carphone Warehouse is not offering the new device SIM-free.

Android Central reports that despite O2 saying that the Nexus 4 was not SIM-free, avid Android Central forum goer tomjdavies says otherwise:

I got my Nexus 4 from O2 today. They were adamant in-store that it was locked to O2 but I made them put my Vodafone sim in it – and it worked, much to my joy ha. I paid £399.99 plus £10 for a pay as you go SIM.

That said, if you’re willing to drop a whopping £400 plus an extra £10 for the SIM, you can walk away from the store with a brand new unlocked Nexus 4 while everyone else in the waits for their device to ship (Google sent out a mass e-mail saying its on backorder). Regardless though, you should wait to get a Nexus 4 until O2 makes an official confirmation that it is indeed unlocked and not locked on their network as they had confirmed a while ago.

Are you going to be getting a Nexus 4 from O2, or would you rather wait for it to get in-stock in Google Play again?

Sound off in the comments below!

source: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Launches In The UK SIM-Free And On-Contract

We’ve all heard about Samsung’s miniature version of the Galaxy S III by now, but the Galaxy S III Mini has just made its way to the United Kingdom where it is now available to purchase SIM-free or on-contract. If you are wanting to get one of these guys outright, online retailers Expansys and Unlocked Mobiles are selling this bad boy for £299.99 and £294.98 respectively. Since these are unlocked devices though, you may just prefer to get yourself a Galaxy S III Mini on-contract.

You will find the Galaxy S III Mini offered on a two-year contracts starting at £28 per month from Three UK, or a pound less (£27) per month from O2. Of course, you will find that Three UK’s plan is a lot more data-friendly than O2’s with unlimited data included, while O2 will be limiting you to 500MB, but with an unlimited amount of texts. O2’s prices for plans go as far down as £16.50 per month. Although, if you decide to go with that deal you will find yourself shelling out a good £100 up-front for the Galaxy S III Mini. You should also know that Three isn’t selling the Galaxy S III Mini online until November 16th, so until that date it is only available in stores for now.

Are you going to be picking up a Galaxy S III Mini now that it has released in the UK? If you have, let us know how you like it in the comments below!

source: Android Central

O2 Network Review

With the 2012 Olympics in London just a month away, let’s take a look at one of London’s biggest cell phone carriers in case you are planning a trip to the UK for the games.  O2 offers pay as you go plans, and the phones go for as low as £9.89.  These plans have no monthly contract and you can change your plan every 30 days, or choose to discontinue the service freely.  The plan requires user to prepay in the account with a minimum amount of 10 pounds.  For unlimited O2 to O2 called and text messages, user could choose another pay & go plan that requires a minimum of 15 pounds prepayment.

Here’s the Pay & Go Rates offered by O2:

Usage outside your allowanceCharges
Standard calls35p per minute
O2 mobiles35p per minute
Other UK network mobiles35p per minute
Video calls35p per minute
Text message12p per message
Picture message25p per message
Voicemail 90115p per call
BrowsingUp to max £1 per day
O2 Customer ServiceFree
International text message16p per message
0500, 0505, 055, 056, 080, 082 numbers20p per minute
07744, 07755 numbers25p per minute
0844, 0845, 0870 numbers20p per minute
0871 numbers35p per minute

About O2

As one of the UK’s leading providers of mobile telecommunications and the technology with which users can access their services, O2 have built a reputation as being the best at putting together the infrastructure with which users will be able to experience the future of mobile technology when it arrives.

There are a lot of companies putting together ideas and plans for the future of the mobile networks. In a couple of years we will be used to having the upcoming 4G format as our main mobile standard. O2 have spent one billion pounds in the last twelve months to ensure that their network is ready for this new standard. Even further than that, they have been running tests and trials in London to see what businesses think of it and how they use it, enabling them to focus on what their customers want, making the network the best for the people who need it most: the customers.

As well as this, they have dedicated their entire strategy to ensuring that the network as a whole is as stable and sturdy as possible, solidifying their reputation as the UK’s leading network in terms of customer satisfaction. While doing this, they have pledged to make sure that their forward-looking future visions have as little impact on the environment as possible. This will make sure that they are able to keep their pace as one of the most advanced mobile communications providers in the UK.

With a range of services and options available to their customers, it’s a very exciting time to be part of O2. Their sponsorship of live music venues across the countries means that they also have exclusive access to some of the best gigs and festivals in the country, and can offer their customers premium ticket prices or advance bookings before anyone else can get hold of them.

HTC’s One X Flagship Android Phone To Hit O2 And Virgin Mobile Australia Next Month

When HTC announced their new One series of flagship Android phones they also announced all of the carriers that would be receiving a version of the One series phones. In all their are three versions in a good, better, best range.

The HTC One X is the “best” out of the three. The HTC One S has very similar specs to the One X however it’s running a dual core processor vs the quad-core processor found in the international version of the One X.  The U.S. version of the One X, headed to AT&T, will have a dual core processor, putting it in the same realm as the One S.

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Three More Galaxy Nexus Carriers Announced, So Far No Official US Announcement

Although we know the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is headed to Verizon Wireless we have yet to hear an “official” word. In the meantime though more carriers abroad have added the Galaxy Nexus to their arsenal or made an announcement that they are going to carry it.

DoCoMo in Japan was announced last night during the Samsung/Google event. On Wednesday it was announced that Three, 02 and Vodafone will all carry the Galaxy Nexus in the UK.  UK third party retailer, Clove, has already put a page up to accept preorders on the unlocked version for £514.80 for the 16gb version.

Vodafone, 02 and Three have all formally announced that they are carrying the Galaxy Nexus.  Three has already put it on their webpage here.

source: Unwired