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Nvidia wants to be on Windows Phone, but not happening

Nvidia has been developing some really good chips for Android smart phones. The Tegra 3 series of quad core processors has been making some good news in the smart phone industry and device manufacturers just love to have this chip on their smart phones. Nvidia is also developing chips for tablets, both Android and Windows tablets. Yes, this means that will very soon be some really good Winodws 8 tablets based on Nvidia chips. Does this mean that there is a relationship between Nvidia and Microsoft on this project? Well, not really.

Nvidia, however, wants to work with Microsoft on its Windows Phone operating system, but Microsoft seems to be getting really choosy when it comes to selecting partners for its projects. Just yesterday we saw that Microsoft has declined HTC the chance to work with it on the Windows 8 RT project to develop a tablet based on the latest operating system there is. The reason for this as given be Microsoft is that HTC is not really experienced in the world of tablets and it would diminish the popularity of Windows 8.

The same might be happening with Nvidia and Microsoft as well. Nvida’s SVP of mobile business told reporters he has a “tremendous amount of respect for Windows Phone and its potential…I love to work with Microsoft and we work with Microsoft on so many different levels that it would make a lot of sense to work together.”

This means that there is no real business relationship between Microsoft and Nvidia at this time on the new Windows 8 RT project, even though they are working together on other projects. The company is already optimizing its chips for Windows 8, and it would not hesistate to optimize them for Windows Phone 8 as well. But if Microsoft is not willing to shake hands with Nvidia on this, what would Nvidia do? That is the question.