Benchmark reconfirms Asus Game Box specs: Android 4.3, Tegra 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM

Untroubled by Nvidia and Ouya’s struggles with making their latest Android game console efforts relevant, Asus forges ahead with its own Shield rival/trend-setter wannabe, a controller supposedly dubbed Game Box. First spotted in an AnTuTu benchmark and subsequently blessed by the Bluetooth SIG with the necessary regulatory approvals to see daylight, the Asus Game Box

NVIDIA Tegra Note

NVIDIA Tegra Note video released

NVIDIA is showcasing the features of the NVIDIA Tegra Note in a new teaser video in an attempt to fuel excitement for the tablet. The teaser video underscores the NVIDIA Tegra Note’s ultra-fast mobile processor, the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4. This processor, according to the manufacturer’s claim, makes the slate the fastest 7-inch tablet in the

Rumor: HP To Announce Android Mobile Devices Soon

HP’s previous foray into the mobile market was two years ago when its webOS powered HP TouchPad tablet failed.  They have since left the mobile industry to concentrate in the PC market but it looks like they aren’t doing good in this area as well in terms of sales. Rumor has it that the company

NVIDIA Tegra 4: Will it be the 2013 King of Smartphone Processors?

2012 saw the emergence of some of the most powerful smartphones and tablets in the market – particularly those running on Android operating system.  Two years ago, it wouldn’t have been imaginable that smartphones and tablets could be as powerful – or even more powerful – compared to present day laptops.  We are now seeing