Smartphones Will Outnumber Feature Phones Shipment Says NPD Forecast

A new prediction from the market research firm called NPD, showed that the overall shipments of smartphones all over the world will actually outnumber the figures for feature phones this 2013. The source of the report, The Next Web, said that this would be the first instance wherein smartphones shipments will overtake the latter. The

NPD: One Third Of Smartphones sold in Q&A Had The 4Gs!

Research company NPD published research on Tuesday in regards to the latest smartphone sales. According to the latest research, smartphones with 4G connectivity rose to 35% of smartphones sold in Q4 of 2011. This is a huge increase from the 6% in ths same quarter of 2010 when Sprint was the only carrier with 4G.

First Time Smartphone Owners Picking Android

New data has come out of research group NPD today that’s showing a very interesting trend for Android. According to NPD, more than half of new or first time smartphone owners are picking an Android device. According to NPD Android has 48% of the smartphone market share overall. iPhone has 43% of the smartphone market

NPD: Android On Top In 2011

NPD released a report this morning detailing the market share of the top smartphone operating systems. Android was on top with 53% of the market share while Apple’s iOS came in second place at a substantially lower 29%. RIM’s share slipped down to 11% as more and more smartphone owners migrated to Android and of

HTC Evo 4G Top Android Device In Q2 2011

Despite all the new Android superphones released since June of 2010, the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint still reigned supreme as the top selling Android phone in the second quarter of 2011.¬† Wow! Sprint’s flagship Android device beat out the likes of the HTC Thunderbolt, The MyTouch 4G, The Samsung Galaxy S 4G, and every