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Samsung Galaxy Watch not receiving notifications from phone anymore

Another common issue with the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that it can no longer receive notifications from the phone it’s connected with. Some owners reported that this very feature stopped working just after a few days of use. Samsung hasn’t released any statement about this problem so while it’s common, it might not be an

How to remove apps from Galaxy S7 Unmonitored apps list, other issues

Samsung has recently announced that its most recent Galaxy flagship, the #GalaxyS8, is hugely successful. This despite the billion dollar fiasco of its Galaxy Note 7. From a hardware perspective, the S8 appears to be very solid too so we’ll probably be seeing lesser issues with it hardware-wise. For now, we are committed to providing you

Intermittent sensitivity issue on Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen, other issues

With the on-going recall of #GalaxyNote7 series, worldwide sales of the new Samsung flagship is surely taking a huge hit. If you’re reading this post, you should know by now that Samsung had been forced to issue a recall of its most recent flagship after dozens of documented reports of the battery catching fire surfaced. If