How to fix a Galaxy Note5 when the screen is black and won’t turn on

The Galaxy Note5 (#GalaxyNote5) is not exactly Samsung’s latest and fastest smartphone out there but millions of them are still in active circulation. That said, there’s a lot of Note5 users who are still using it although some of them may now be understandably starting to experience problems. One of the common Note5 problems and

How to fix Galaxy Note5 invalid SIM card error

Here’s another troubleshooting article for the day. This post will cover some issues reported for the #GalaxyNote5. We’ve allocated enough space for a special case in this post about invalid SIM card error. If your Note5 has been showing this error recently, this short troubleshooting guide might help. If you are looking for solutions to your

Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Charging & Slow Charging Issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#GalaxyNote5 #Note5) slow and not charging issues are often blamed on faulty hardware and/or accessories. We really can’t blame owners to immediately think their chargers are broken when the phone stopped charging. In fact, we technicians often recommend to check the accessories first before trying to troubleshoot the phone. Based on