Calling Issues Android 10

How To Fix Note10 Calling Issues After Android 10 Update

There have been complaints from some Samsung Galaxy Note10 owners about their device having calling issues after installing Android 10. Naturally, these people blame the new software right away. From our standpoint, this may not necessarily be caused by the new Android OS. There can be other factors behind each and every case. In this

Note10 Gmail Crashing Android 10

How To Fix Note10 Gmail Crashing After Android 10 Update

One of the problems that appears to be the result of Android 10 update installation on the Galaxy Note10 is Gmail crashing problem. A lot of users are reporting that their Gmail keeps stopping or showing Gmail has stopped error. In other words, the app has become totally unusable for some reason. Fortunately, fixing this

Texts Won't Send Android 10

How To Fix Note10 Texts Won’t Send After Android 10 Update

Some Note10 users have been reporting to us about their device encountering texting issues. While texting problems has always been around and are some of the most common Android problems, we take interest in some segment of Note10 users who said that their texts won’t send after an Android 10 update. If you are one

Note10 App has Stopped Android 10

How to fix Note10 App has Stopped After Android 10 Update

If you are getting the perennial “Unfortunately, app (name of app) has stopped” error for the first time, then welcome to the real Android world. You can’t be considered a real, seasoned Android user if you can’t experience one of your apps crashing on you. In this troubleshooting post, we help Galaxy Note10 users who

Galaxy Note10 Auto-Rotate Not Working After Android 10 Update

One of the surprising issues we encountered with Samsung Galaxy Note10 Android 10 update is about Auto-rotate not working. We did not encounter this problem with the older Note9 before. Since there have been a number of Note10 users reporting this trouble, we decided to create a troubleshooting post for it. If you’re looking for

Note10 Instagram crashing Android 10 update

How To Fix Note10 Instagram crashing after Android 10 update

Instagram is one of the most popular Android apps with hundreds of millions of users. It’s no surprise to know that complaints of issues about the app seem to not go away all the time. If your Galaxy Note10 Instagram keeps crashing after an Android 10 update, don’t worry as there are solutions that you

Note10 Wifi Problems After Android 10 update

How To Fix Galaxy Note10 Wifi Problems After Android 10 update

As more and more Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ devices are getting Android 10 update, many users are also reporting wifi problems. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you solutions that you can do to fix whatever wifi issue you’re experiencing.  Wifi problems are relatively easy to fix. If you’re one of the unlucky users

Note10 lagging after Android 10 update

How to fix Galaxy Note10 lagging after Android 10 update

Some Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ users are reporting lagging or slow performance issues as their units are finally getting Android 10 update at around this time. If Android update history is to be considered, this issue is no longer new. Major software overhauls do not always go as planned in some cases. If you’re one