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How to fix Google Play Store error 406 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

For the past several months, numerous Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users were complaining about the Play Store error 406. The actual error message goes like this, “App could not be downloaded due to an error. (406)” which usually appears during the downloading and updating process. This could be caused by corrupt Play Store cache and

How to make a conference call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Text messaging and phone calls are two of the most basic functions of a mobile phone and a premium device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should be able to perform these services without any problem at all. Technology has evolved a lot since the first model of smartphones were released. The simple text messaging

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 not detected or recognized by PC

Regardless whether you’ve installed the drivers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on your PC or not, it should still be able to detect once the phone is connected via the USB cable. Detection and recognition are different. Your phone may be detected but not recognized but if it’s not detected, it surely wouldn’t be

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Error: Unfortunately, Camera has stopped

The error message “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” is one of the common popups you may get every now and then but unlike the others, there’s always a possibility that the problem is more than just an app crash. We have encountered similar issues in the past involving high-end devices like Galaxy S9 and Note 8.