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Note 4 Can’t Read 32GB microSD Card

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 microSD Card Removed Issue & Other Related Problems

Expanding the available storage space of an Android device is quite easy since all you need to do is to get a microSD card. The #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 for example has a storage capacity of 32GB which for most people is enough to store all of their music, videos and photos. Some however will find this storage not enough which is why having a microSD card is an advantage. This model for example can accommodate a microSD card of up to 128GB in size. There are however instances when issues can occur because of this card. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 4 microSD card removed issue & other related problems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Note 4 microSD Card Removed 

Problem: Got several messages about my memory card being removed when it hadn’t been.  Rebooted and it showed the memory card again then I got the error message again.  Since then it won’t recognize my memory card.  This is a card that’s been in it since I got the phone back in April 2015 and the card filled up in December and since then it’s reverted to using my phone storage.  Not sure why it’s unable to recognize it.  I can’t even reformat the card at this point using the phone since it won’t recognize it.  Why is it doing this and how can I fix it?  I’d like to make sure I have downloaded all the pictures and videos from the card

Solution: There’s a possibility that the card may already be faulty. This usually happens if it develops a number of corrupt sectors making it unreadable. Sometimes though the problem is caused by the phone not being able to recognize the card due to a glitch in the software.

To troubleshoot this issue you need to take out the microSD card from your phone and let your computer read it. You will need a microSD card adaptor to do this. Two things may happen in this case. It’s either the card can be read by your computer or it can’t be read at all. Follow the troubleshooting steps listed below for both scenarios.

If your computer can read the microSD card

  • Copy all contents of the card to a folder in your computer.
  • Format the card using your computer. Use the FAT32 file system when you format the card.
  • Reinsert the card to your phone then check if it can be read.
  • If it can’t be read then backup your phone data then do a factory reset. After the reset check if the phone can now detect the card.

If your computer can’t read the microSD card

  • Replace the microSD with a new one
  • To retrieve the data stored in the old card you can try to use some of the popular data retrieval computer software that are available.

Note 4 microSD Card Slows Down Phone

Problem: I purchased a new 64gb micro SD card. Copied files from my old 32gb card to to my computer. Formatted 64gb card in my Note 4 and then copied the files over to the new card. First it could not read several pictures. Not a big deal because I have them on my computer. Then it started telling me the card could not be read, to reformat. Not a big deal. After reformatting the card, the phone became slow to “wake up” and respond. Before I did a reset, I decided to try removing the card. BINGO! The phone now responds normally. Is there anything I can do to “fix” this card so it is usable?

Solution: It appears that the card you bought may be faulty. To check if this is the case try to insert the old 32GB card back to your phone. Check if the phone slows down with the old card. If it doesn’t then the 64GB card could have some corrupt sectors. Since you have already formatted this card which doesn’t seem to help you should consider replacing this with a new one.

Note 4 Can’t Read 32GB microSD Card

Problem: I got a  32gb Samsung evo micro SD card. I have been using it to only store pictures and videos for already 5 months. No problem occurs within these months. But just then recently suddenly my note 4 cannot read it. I tried many times by taking it out, off my phone, insert it and restart my phone but still no sight of working. It keeps showing checking error msg but later it make my phone screen off, no response on any button I push. After remove the SD card, only my phone recover.

Solution: It appears that the microSD card could already be corrupt. This usually happens especially if the card is fake or of an unknown brand which doesn’t have a strict quality control testing. The quickest way to check if the microSD card is causing the problem is to get a new card ( preferably from a known brand such as Samsung or SanDisk).

Regarding the data that you have in the old microSD card you can try to retrieve this using your computer. Connect our card to your computer using a microSD card adapter then check if it can be read. If the card can be read then you just need to copy the data from the card and paste this to a folder in your computer.

Note 4 microSD Card Some Videos Don’t Play

Problem: Hi, have bought a class 10 128gb micro sd card. When I transfer videos from my phone to the sd card, only some videos are properly transferred. Others are not able to be played properly after that. I tried reformatting the card, however my macbook pro is now unable to read the card. What can I do?

Solution: If the microSD card was formatted using the FAT32 file system then files exceeding 4GB in size will not be able to be copied to it. This means that if you have a video file that has a 5GB file size then it won’t transfer to the microSD card.

Regarding the video files that can’t be played it this can be caused by a data transfer problem or it could be because the video player app of your phone does not have the proper CODEC to play the file. Try using a different video player in playing the video file (MX Player or VLC are popular choices). If the video file can’t be played then try to delete it and copy it again.

On the issue of the microSD card not read by your computer try to format the card using your phone instead.

Note 4 Moving Files From Internal Storage To microSD

Problem: My phone memory is 16gb  and HELP nearly full I have added  a 32 gb Samsung sd card uhs-1  and cannot find any online guide or video that refers EXACTLY to images on my screen when trying to move files to sd card

Solution: You will have to move the files from the internal storage to the microSD card manually. To do this you need a file explorer app. Using this app search for the files you want to transfer. Highlight the selected files then choose move. You will then be prompted for a target location. Choose the microSD card.

If you would like the camera to automatically save the photos taken  to the microSD card then you should change this from the camera settings.

Note 4 Photos From Camera Vanished

Problem: All of my photo’s from my camera seem to have vanished, and when i try to hook up to an app like 7-data android recovery, or recuva, neither can find my phone, i had almost 2k photo’s in there.

Solution: Are the photos stored in the microSD card or in the internal storage of your phone? If it is stored in the microSD card then try to remove the card and have your computer read the card. You may be able to see the missing photos using your computer. If the photos are missing then they may have become corrupt. It will be difficult to retrieve the photos if this is the case.

If the photos are stored in the internal storage of your phone then try starting your phone in Safe Mode then check the gallery if you can view the photos.If the photos can be seen then a third party app could be causing the problem. Find out what app this is and uninstall it. If the photos still can’t be seen then they may have been accidentally deleted or have been corrupted.

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