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Note 4 Boot Loop After Software Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging Completely Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 is best known as a solid performer among the various smartphone models available in the market.  Released in the 2014, this phone is being used by a lot of people all over the world. Several key features makes this an excellent device to own such as its large 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display, a 3220 mAh battery, availability of an S Pen, and quick charge among others. This is however not a perfect phone as some issues can also occur. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 4 not charging completely issue & other related problems.


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Note 4 Not Charging Completely

Problem: My phone will not charge completely.  This started when I was traveling and received a message that it would take 6 hours to full charge with the charger I bought.  I never fully charges now and I have replace the battery and taken it out and held down the button to discharge memory and it went up to 84% from 72%.  I can leave it on the charger and I use several different ones and it never goes above 84%.  

Solution: There’s a possibility that the battery that your phone is using is causing this issue. Try getting a new battery then see if this fixes the problem. When you charge this new battery don’t use the latest charger you bought as this might have caused the problem.

If the issue still remains then there’s a possibility that this is caused by a software glitch. If this is the case then you will have to backup your phone data and do a factory reset.

Note 4 Switches Off With Charge Left

Problem: Phone goes off between 25-45% does not switch on until put on charge. When put on charge sometimes shows 30% or so battery remaining , sometimes shows 0% battery . Never can I use the phone until it goes to 0% battery. It always switches off much before that. Overheats sometimes. An app on my phone shows the temp when overheated as 80-84°c. Have tried factory reset several times. The guys at the Samsung service center have also reinstalled the software. Issue still remains.

Solution: Since the software side has already been checked and it doesn’t seem to be causing this problem then it’s time to check on the phone hardware. On your end you can try to replace the phone battery with a new one. This allows you to verify if your current battery is causing the problem. If the issue still occurs with a new battery installed then it’s very likely that the problem is caused by an internal component that has failed to work possibly the power IC. I recommend that you have your phone checked at a service center that does board level repairs.

Note 4 Turns Off A Lot

Problem: so i have a galaxy note 4 and its been turning off a lot and restarting with a fully charged battery. i can’t seem to keep it on and it’s always dieing at like 40. i got it Christmas almost 2 years ago now and i’m thinking i should just upgrade to a new phone because i’m at a loss of options right now. i have tried a new battery, new chargers, charging it while turned off i’ve tried deleting apps. i can’t use snapchat or even my camera anymore i can’t go on the internet. everyday my phone is either on a charger all day or off i guess i’d like to know if you think i should just get a new phone or try to find the problem with mine current phone.

Solution: You should try to check if the problem is caused by a glitch in the phone software by doing a factory reset. Take note that this will erase your phone data so it’s best to make a backup copy first. Once the reset is complete do not install any apps in your phone yet. Try to check first if you are still experiencing the same problem. If the issue remains then this could be caused by an internal component of the device that isn’t working properly, possibly the power IC. If there’s no service center in your area capable of doing board level repairs then you should consider getting a new phone.

Note 4 Boot Loop After Software Update

Problem: I have a Note 4. I performed a firmware update on 26 October 2016 and my phone went on to do the boot loop. I have tried removing the battery and have even tried factory reset. It still wouldn’t restart correctly. What should I do?

Solution: It’s very likely that the update has not been installed properly resulting in this issue. You should try to use Kies first to do an emergency firmware recovery.

  • Download Kies from the Samsung website and install it in your computer. Make sure to also install the necessary USB drivers.
  • Run Kies as administrator
  • Connect your phone using a USB cord to your computer.
  • If Kies prompts you for a new version available then update it.
  • Once the update is done click on the Tools tab then go to the Emergency Firmware Recovery section.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.

If the emergency firmware recovery fails to fix the problem then you should consider manually flashing the updated firmware file to your phone. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

Note 4 Not Fully Charging

Problem: I bought this phone unlocked that had T Mobile as the original carrier.  I use Telus with it now.  The first week it charged to 100% and then started charging at 91% and then 88% and today after letting it go down to 0% and then charging – after 3 1/2 hours it is still at 81%.  Could the phone be defective. I’ve only being using it a couple weeks.  It was new and in the box from the seller.

Solution: There are several factors that can cause this type of issue which we will be checking. Follow the troubleshooting steps listed below to fix this problem. Move to the next step should the current step you performed fail to fix the problem.

  • Clean the charging port of your phone. Make sure to take out any dirt or debris stuck in this port as it could cause charging problems.
  • Try using a different USB cord when charging your phone.
  • Try using a different wall charger when charging your phone.
  • Replace the battery with a new one.
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

If the above steps don’t work then you should check the warranty if a replacement is possible. If the phone doesn’t have any warranty then you should have it checked at a service center.

Note 4 Reboots Randomly

Problem: Phone reboots when I use it often on a short period of time, the only way to make it turn on is to plug it to charger and turn on then unplug it. Went to phone spot and they tried new battery and did the same. U don’t know, what do you guys advise?

Solution: You could try to check if the problem is caused by a glitch in the phone software by doing a factory reset. Take note that your phone data will be erased in the process so make sure to have a backup copy. Once the reset is complete do not install any apps in your phone yet. If you have a microSD card installed then try removing it as well. Check if the issue still occurs. If it does then this could already be caused by a failing internal component. I suggest you have your phone checked at a service center capable of doing board level repairs.

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