How to fix a Realme X2 Pro that won’t connect to WiFi

Network or connectivity issues are pretty common. In fact, some owners of the Realme X2 Pro have contacted us because their devices reportedly won’t connect to WiFi and as a result, they can no longer use their devices to their full potential.  Problems like this aren’t really that serious even if they’re pretty annoying. You

How to fix Galaxy S5 with weak or no signal, other issues

One of the issues in this post today is about a Galaxy S5 with weak or no signal, as reported by one of our readers. Network or connection problems of this type are usually hardware-related so there’s not much that an average user can do. Nevertheless, we still encourage you to continue reading so you’ll also

How to prevent Galaxy S7 losing data stored in SD card, other issues

Due to lack of space, we only provide you three issues in this #GalaxyS7 troubleshooting page. We hope that the solutions, or rather recommendations, will be helpful for our Android community. Below are the topics covered in this material: Galaxy S7 keyboard randomly resets itself How to prevent Galaxy S7 losing data stored in SD card