Twitter, Nielsen Strike Deal On Surveys

Twitter announced on Tuesday their partnership with media research company Nielsen to conduct surveys and measure up the pulse of the ‘netizens’ on the microblogging site. Social networking site users are expected to encounter survey questions on their Twitter account following the pact with Neilsen. Twitter might only allow its users to write up to

Google + Not Even Close To Facebook On Android Devices

We mentioned a Nielsen report on Android apps earlier this week when highlighting the fact that Angry Birds was hottest among adults 35-44.  That Nielsen report also revealed a troubling story for Google +. Now all the Google loyalists are going to start crying that Google+ is still new, and in it’s defense it is

Angry Birds Biggest Segment On Android: 35-44 Year Old Adults

Nielsen released some interesting information today with a report on Android apps and how they break down by demographic. One of the most interesting facts to come out of the research is that Rovio Mobile’s franchise hit “Angry Birds” is most popular with adults aged 35-44. In television and radio the 35-44 year old segment

Android Users Spending An Hour A Day On Apps And Web

Industry research firm Nielsen has just released some interesting findings about Android users.  Nielsen, most popular for their metered TV ratings system in American households has started a new “Nielsen Smartphone Analytics” which tracks and delivers data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android phones. This new metered way of collecting data

Android Out Does iOS When It Comes To Data According To Nielsen

Nielsen has released new data today regarding Android and the amount of data owners use. According to the report, Android owners use quite a bit of data over other platforms. On average owners of Android devices download around 582MB a month, which is only a little bit more than half a gigabyte. While owners of

Nielsen Says: Only 5% Of U.S. Owns A Tablet

Tablets are the hip new tech toy at this moment, however, not as many people as you think own one. According to Nielsen’s most recent poll only five percent of  the 12,000 owners in the United States polled own a tablet at this moment. However, OEMs are still trying to rush ahead to beat the

Nielsen: Android Most Popular OS PERIOD

Top ratings and research firm announced today that the most popular smart phone OS is Android. Nielsen just conducted a study of 14,701 Americans and 29% of those postpaid subscribers surveyed owned an Android phone. 27 percent of those surveyed owned an iPhone and 27% owned a Blackberry. Windows Phones had a 10% of the