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Twitter, Nielsen Strike Deal On Surveys

Twitter announced on Tuesday their partnership with media research company Nielsen to conduct surveys and measure up the pulse of the ‘netizens’ on the microblogging site.

Social networking site users are expected to encounter survey questions on their Twitter account following the pact with Neilsen.

Twitter might only allow its users to write up to 140 characters per tweet, but that won’t derail its plan from introducing additional feature and gaining profits out of it.

With the announcement of Twitter’s new-found partnership with Nielsen, Tweeter users will now see messages on their timeline asking them to ask certain questions from the advertisers. Unlike other survey that directs users to other site, Twitter users can participate in a survey by simply answering the question on the site’s desktop and mobile versions.

According to sources, Twitters considered surveys as an important tool for identifying “purchase intent” and awareness of the buyers and gauging other metrics that affects marketing decisions.

Though Twitter and Nielsen did not disclose specific information about their partnership, the surveys will likely take effect on the social networking site in the early 2013. Moreover, Twitter is also reportedly working out with other companies to expand its marketing services next year.

For the past couple of years, Twitter has been tapping several options to hike up its monetization capacity.

As of now, Twitter provides several choices for advertisers, which includes viral promotion of certain accounts and tweets. Advertisers can also market their products in Trends.

Meanwhile, Twitter recorded 7.2 million tweets in a rate of 110,000 tweets per minute in the second debate between US President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The second showdown between Obama and Romney generated a significant lower tweets compared to the 10.3 million recorded by the first debate between the two presidential candidates.

Google + Not Even Close To Facebook On Android Devices

We mentioned a Nielsen report on Android apps earlier this week when highlighting the fact that Angry Birds was hottest among adults 35-44.  That Nielsen report also revealed a troubling story for Google +.

Now all the Google loyalists are going to start crying that Google+ is still new, and in it’s defense it is quite new. Google+ will turn six months old right after Christmas.  In six months we’ve seen Google come a long way with users on the website itself, but so far the Google+ Android app hasn’t made a dent in rival Facebook.

According to Nielsen Facebook is by far the most popular app on the Android platform. Other Google products like Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube are very popular with Android users.

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Angry Birds Biggest Segment On Android: 35-44 Year Old Adults

Nielsen released some interesting information today with a report on Android apps and how they break down by demographic.

One of the most interesting facts to come out of the research is that Rovio Mobile’s franchise hit “Angry Birds” is most popular with adults aged 35-44. In television and radio the 35-44 year old segment is often considered the “money” segment when it comes to influence over ad dollars and media.

According to Nielsen 35 percent of Android users aged 35-44 played Angry Birds in the last 30 days while only 22% of those between 18-24 played the game in the same period. 29 percent of 25-34 year olds played Angry Birds in the past 30 days.

Of course the research only considered Android users 18 and up and the number could still be stronger for those under 18.

source: Nielsen

Latest Mobile Mix: Android Still Holding Strong With 56% Of The Market Share

The latest monthly Mobile Mix report has been released by Millennial Media. Many industry folks like the Mobile Mix report because it shows actual devices touching the Millennial Media ad network vs a survey of users or “shipped” units which can have data flaws.

In the October 2011 Mobile Mix report released today, Android is still holding strong at 56% of the smartphone OS’s touching Millennial’s ad network. iOS came in at 28% while RIM came in at 13%. We’re still not sure what’s going on with Windows Phone 7 as it claims just 1% of the share and that’s a statistic echoed through many research agencies and analysts.

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Android Users Spending An Hour A Day On Apps And Web

Industry research firm Nielsen has just released some interesting findings about Android users.  Nielsen, most popular for their metered TV ratings system in American households has started a new “Nielsen Smartphone Analytics” which tracks and delivers data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android phones.

This new metered way of collecting data was first introduced by Nielsen with set top meters to measure ratings for television shows.  It gives a more accurate snapshot than simply asking test samplers to fill out survey questions, which can cause fatigue and drive research in the wrong direction.

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Android Out Does iOS When It Comes To Data According To Nielsen

Nielsen has released new data today regarding Android and the amount of data owners use.

According to the report, Android owners use quite a bit of data over other platforms. On average owners of Android devices download around 582MB a month, which is only a little bit more than half a gigabyte. While owners of devices that run on Apple’s iOS platform only consume about 492MB of data on average per month, while HP webOS users, on the other hand, are only using an average of 448MB. RIM is in last place with only 127Mb being used a month by owners, which is four and a half times less than that of Android users. Windows Phone 7 owners are using almost twice as much data as Windows Mobile owners who only rake in 174MB a month compared to the 317MB.

According to the chart the majority of data that is used on Android devices is from downloading applications. Only 20 percent of data is used to play online games using an Android device. Apple’s iOS devices, while behind Android on the average monthly data, owners actually use more data to download application than other platforms. They sit at 79 percent.

As we can see android is scooping up quite a bit of large numbers when it comes to data and market shares lately. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.



Nielsen Says: Only 5% Of U.S. Owns A Tablet

Tablets are the hip new tech toy at this moment, however, not as many people as you think own one. According to Nielsen’s most recent poll only five percent of  the 12,000 owners in the United States polled own a tablet at this moment. However, OEMs are still trying to rush ahead to beat the competition. (more…)

Nielsen: Android Most Popular OS PERIOD

Top ratings and research firm announced today that the most popular smart phone OS is Android. Nielsen just conducted a study of 14,701 Americans and 29% of those postpaid subscribers surveyed owned an Android phone. 27 percent of those surveyed owned an iPhone and 27% owned a Blackberry. Windows Phones had a 10% of the market share.

While IOS and Android continue to battle it out, former staples Palm and Nokia are holding on with dear life.  In this survey Palm had 4% of the respondents while only 2% owned a Nokia device. Nokia is relying on Windows Phone 7 for a comeback.

One of the most interesting facts in this survey data was that 6% of respondents 18-24 had an Android device while only 4% had an IOS device.  The 18-24 set is big for social media, online interatction, text messaging and smartphones overall.  Between 2007 and 2010 Apple had a strangle hold on the college aged consumer. Apple computers traditionally do very well on college campuses and for the first few years iPhones did as well.

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Android Most Popular OS over the last 6 months with new smartphone buyers.

Nielsen is now reporting that the Android Operating System is the most popular operating system of all new smartphone buyers over the last six months.  Nielsen came to this conclusion by analyzing data from January to August of 2010. The report also claims that Apple and Blackberry are in a dead tie for 2nd place.

According to Nielsen (and we aren’t going to dispute them right) Android was adopted y 32% of new smartphone purchasers since January of 2010 while Blackberry and Iphone rank in at 26% and 25% respectively, a dead heat.

Total overall Blackberry still holds the number 1 spot in the United States of “All Smartphone Owners” however they are loosing over iphone users at a steady pace. In overall smartphone owners Rim holds  31%, Apple 28% and Android just 19%.

What this survey suggests, as do many other surveys, Android is being adopted like wild fire and before long it could take the number 1 spot in the United States.  Earlier this month Fortune magazine reported that Android was activating 250,000 units per day, up 50,000 units from Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s quote just two months ago.  Those numbers didn’t sit well with Apple CEO Steve Jobs who questioned google’s figures citing they were including upgrades. At that time a Google spokesperson debunked that theory stating that “The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services.”

Non Google Services Android devices include all of those tablets that are being produced without Google Apps and access to market.

Many pundits are speculating that the Android market share may stifle when Verizon announces an Iphone for their network, which could come as soon as CES 2011 in January. Thedroidguy believes that with the variety of Android handsets, form factors, and functionality, a Verizon branded Iphone may slow the growth a little bit, however many Verizon customers have already converted to Android and are now under contract. Thedroidguy also continues to speculate that when the exclusivity deal with AT&T expires the lack of Iphone exclusiveness may wear off as well, kind of like when Dell Computers started showing up at every retailer.

All in all another impressive bunch of stats for our beloved Andy