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Verizon grabs $1 billion NFL deal



Verizon has grabbed a huge deal four year deal with the NFL, which will allow the company to broadcast more games over customers smartphones. Verizon Wireless is currently the largest carrier in the US and is trying to pull more content onto mobile devices.

The National Football League will show Sunday afternoon games on Verizon Wireless customers smartphones in home markets. Previously, Verizon had a deal to show Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights games, but more games are played on Sunday afternoons.

Verizon Wireless will also offer the NFL Network, and its NFL RedZone on this deal, allowing customers to find the scores and watch matches in a variety of different ways.

Sunday Night Football was the most watched program on TV that year, we believe Verizon will continue to up the money to get the best content for their customers, we just wonder if it will pay off.

Source: WSJ

NFL Releases Official Super Bowl App To The Android Market

Whether you are a Patriots fan or a Giants fan all eyes will be on Indianpolis, your mobile phone, or this official Super Bowl app, produced by the NFL. Super Bowl XLVI Guide, is an official NFL Enterprises app and presented by Verizon. Unlike their NFL app on Verizon Wireless phones, this one is available to everyone.

The free app is actually geared toward the tens of thousands of folks set to embark on Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis (if they aren’t there already). Super Bowl goers will find a detailed guide to restaurants, nightlife and Super Bowl pre-parties.

On Sunday fans will enjoy access to 3d maps of Lucas Oil Stadium showing where your seats are, where to get the beer, and where to deposit the beer.

You’ll also be able to follow all the social media buzz surrounding the big game.

Whether you’re going to Indy, your local sports bar or your couch, this free app is sure to compliment your Super Bowl viewing experience.

source: Phandroid

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Superbowl Coming To Verizon Android Powered Smartphones

Are you ready for some football? If you are than we have great news for you, that is if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer with an Android phone.

The NFL and Verizon Wireless have announced that for the first time ever the Superbowl will be streamed to the internet and to Verizon Wireless’ official NFL football app for Android smartphones.

The Superbowl, will be telecast from Indianapolis Indiana on February 5th. Verizon’s official NFL app will include multi camera angle coverage so you can catch all the action. It will also feature game highlights, live stats and… wait for it… the commercials with replays of the commercials. So if Motorola decides to try again with a Superbowl ad, you won’t miss it.

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Verizon Customers Get Madden 12 For Android Free This Weekend Only

Verizon Wireless keeps giving premium things away to their loyal Android customers.  They recently did a promotion where if you purchased an LG Revolution you got three months free from Netflix. They’ve given away the NFL Mobile app and now they’re giving away the most popular NFL football game of all time, Madden 12.

Starting today through October 3, 2011 just dial Madden *623336 from any Android phone on Verizon and they will give you EA Sports, Madden 12, free of charge.  The offer ends on the 3rd though so you need to do it fast.

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Lock Out Over, Verizon Wireless Is Ready For Some Football

Over the course of this summer the folks in charge of Verizon Wireless’ NFL Mobile app have been biting their nails hoping that the NFL Player’s Association could come to a labor agreement and that there would be a football season this year. Now that the lockout is ending and NFL players nationwide are tweeting their enthusiasm to get back to work, Verizon Wireless is ready too.

Verizon Wireless signed a lucrative $720 million dollar deal last year with the NFL at the end of Sprint’s contract.  The deal makes Verizon Wireless the exclusive wireless partner for the NFL and the feature rich NFL Mobile app.  Verizon Wireless customers from feature phone, to iPhone to Android phone can take advantage of the NFL Mobile app now that the NFL is actually going to work this year.

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Sports Fans Get In The Game With The Connect Platform By One Up

After sifting through all the social media aggregators, photo apps, app discovery sites and other start ups all operating out of the same space we found something truly unique and well really freaking cool at TechCrunch Disrupt.

A new company called One Up, that can be found online at, has found a way for sports fans to socially connect and interact with their favorite professional sports games at a new level.  It’s Fantasy sports 2.0.  One Up has developed, Baseball Connect, Football Connect and Soccer Connect. Currently the games will roll out for iOS devices, but as they tell us in the video they just hired an Android developer who will start on Tuesday for a July launch.

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