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Google Hangouts

Tip: You can beam your Hangouts call from one device to another using NFC

With #Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, #Google officially offered software support for the NFC feature with the ability to beam content to other devices. And today, five major iterations later, we’re seeing excellent utilization of the feature within one of Google’s core apps. It is found that users on a #Hangouts call can conveniently transfer

Rite Aid Is Adopting Mobile Payments

  Last year, Rite Aid and a few other companies became a little infamous when they announced that they were disabling their NFC readers due to an exclusivity deal with the Merchant Customer Exchange, a company also trying its hand at mobile payments through CurrentC. But since CurrentC has yet to launch and the exclusivity

Note 3 Extended Battery Pack

Bulky Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery Pack Now Available

If you do not find the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 huge yet, then, the extended battery pack released by ZeroLemon will definitely further add to its size. According to Android Police, the Note 3 extended battery pack houses an enormous 10,000mAh power supply. This is also carries an NFC support for the device. When combined

ISIS Mobile Wallet

ISIS Mobile Wallet now available throughout U.S.

Verizon has just made the ISIS mobile payment system available for residents in the U.S. through all Verizon outlets. The carrier is also offering a decent $10 credit to the customers for wireless payments. ISIS is basically like Google Wallet and it requires users to hook up one or more credit cards to the ISIS

Sony NEX-5T camera works with Android NFC sharing

We are starting to see cameras and smartphones try to mesh the same way laptops and tablets are trying to on Windows 8. The big smartphones right now with amazing cameras are the Lumia 1020, Galaxy S4 Zoom and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1. The Sony NEX-5T is not a smartphone but does work quite


T-Mobile debuting Isis NFC payment service

After blocking Google Wallet, T-Mobile will debut the Isis NFC payment service, according to a T-Mobile staff member who has apparently had trouble with the payment service before release. Isis has come under criticism in the past, mainly for being a barrier to using Google Wallet that AT&T, Verizon and now T-Mobile have embraced and

NFC Wirelessly Powers E Ink Display

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a feature of smartphones that allows it to communicate with other NFC enabled devices simply by touching them together or bringing them close together. Photos can be easily exchanged using this feature as well as mobile payments using a wallet app. While this may not be one of the most

Google Joins FIDO To Strengthen Authentication Methods

Protecting your online accounts will no longer just lie on your passwords alone as Google joins FIDO or Fast Identity Online Alliance’s board of directors to strengthen its authentication methods. A press release published by FIDO stated NXP and CrucialTec were also among the new additions to its board. The Technology Based on FIDO’s press