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Nexus S

Unofficial Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM available for the Nexus S

The #Google #NexusS, which was one of the best looking #Nexus devices of its time has now received the unofficial update to #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow thanks to a custom ROM. For those unaware, the Nexus S went out of Google’s software support cycle three years ago with the rollout of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, so

Nexus One

Nexus One and Nexus S get Android 4.4 ROMs from XDA

The first ever Nexus smartphone was launched by HTC back in 2010 which went by the name of Nexus One. This was followed by the Samsung made Nexus S in late 2010. Both smartphones have long been out of Google’s official update cycle, but the developer community hasn’t rested for a second. Developers at XDA

Nexus S KitKat

Android 4.4 AOSP ROM now available for the Nexus S as well

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was officially the oldest Nexus device to get the Android 4.4 AOSP ROM after Google revealed that no official update will be provided. And now, a developer at XDA has published the same AOSP based Android 4.4 ROM for the three year old Samsung Nexus S handset as well. The handset officially

Jelly Bean now available for Nexus S via OTA

Nexus S, a smartphone developed by Google in collaboration with Samsung, has been very popular phone and was the first phone boot Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”. The phone is nearly 18 months old now, and it is one of the first devices to run the latest version of Android operating system, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Mobiado Introduces Suped Up Samsung Nexus S

The Samsung Nexus S has pretty much been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It had a short run, by comparison to the original Nexus One, however it was, at one point, a very strong Android phone. In fact it still has decent specs, but unfortunately at the rate at which Android grows, the Samsung

CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies Released For 3 Devices

Last week we reported that the CyanogenMod team needed help to secure funding for new servers. That money was raised in less than a day and now, as promised, the CyanogenMod team has started issuing CyanogenMod 9 nightlies. The team is hard at work bringing nightlies to multiple devices. The first three devices are ready.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Exclusivity Mystery Takes Another Turn

As we were leading up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the rumors were hot and heavy about Verizon Wireless carrying the device. First we heard it was a Verizon Wireless exclusive. At that rumor we were all up in arms because a Nexus branded device should never be exclusive, afterall it’s the

Here It Is: Ice Cream Sandwich Video In All It’s Glory

We’ve all been waiting since the first hints of Ice Cream Sandwich last year, to see this beautiful version of the Android operating system.  Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to take all of those “bests” from Gingerbread and the “bests” from Honeycomb and mash them all together like Girl Talk. Well here it is. Here

No Nexus Branded Phone Is Going To Have A Keyboard

So Dr. Panda Seuss is back with more Samsung Nexus Prime poetry, this time I’m going to get in front of the story before any of my other writers do and just cut right to the chase, Google is not going to allow a phone branded “nexus” to have a physical keyboard. The Nexus series

Chamillionaire Arrives At Tech Crunch Disrupt, Nexus S In Tow, And Loves It

Back in July when tech investor/hip hop artist Chamillionaire attended the TechCrunch Mobile First event he asked some pressing questions of Android lead designer Matias Duarte.  Chamillionaire had expressed frustration over the Android phones that he has already used.  He struck a nerve in the Android community who thought he was just another rapper dissing