The Apple Falling from the tree Animated Google Doodle

So today is Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday Simple Thoughts has done a nice blog about it CLICK HERE. If you went to today, which most people did, they saw the first ever animated Google Doodle, an apple falling from the tree. It’s so nice of Eric and Sergey to celebrate the birthday of Sir

Joined forces with

I’ve Decided to join forces with why here are the reasons Bryan seems pretty cool. He is promoting a healthy Android community without all the bashing that typically happens when people get passionate about something, like Android for instance. At least on twitter so many members of the Android community get along great, of

$530 vs $695 you do the math

Iphone without a plan $695 Nexus One without a plan $530 By my calculations that’s $165 saved for the Nexus One buyer however…. It’s being rumored that the Nexus One will only support EV on AT&T; if that’s the case Phooey on you HTC or AT&T; whoever made that call. I see in the future

The Hoopla Around the Nexus One

Before I start my rant I am sure I will end up with one… I love having the latest greatest android phones… Here’s what I don’t understand, in the summer of 2008 all of the hoopla was about the brand new google phone, could you believe google was making a phone and partnering with HTC..