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Nexus One and Nexus S get Android 4.4 ROMs from XDA

The first ever Nexus smartphone was launched by HTC back in 2010 which went by the name of Nexus One. This was followed by the Samsung made Nexus S in late 2010. Both smartphones have long been out of Google’s official update cycle, but the developer community hasn’t rested for a second. Developers at XDA

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Exclusivity Mystery Takes Another Turn

As we were leading up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the rumors were hot and heavy about Verizon Wireless carrying the device. First we heard it was a Verizon Wireless exclusive. At that rumor we were all up in arms because a Nexus branded device should never be exclusive, afterall it’s the

Sadness: Nexus One Not Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

When the Google started the Nexus program two years ago with the Nexus One it was promised to be a pure “Vanilla” Android experience and it was also promised to get updates rather quickly.  Google has stuck by that promise through Android 2.3.x Gingerbread. Of course with the improvements in hardware, processor and software we

Nexus One Users Get Another Update

If you’re still tried and true to the core and still toting around the original Google/HTC Nexus One then bravo to you.  You somehow managed to realize the Nexus One is still a great device. Albeit a little outdated from the snazzy new dual core processors, hyped up displays and 4G connectivity, you still have

No Nexus Branded Phone Is Going To Have A Keyboard

So Dr. Panda Seuss is back with more Samsung Nexus Prime poetry, this time I’m going to get in front of the story before any of my other writers do and just cut right to the chase, Google is not going to allow a phone branded “nexus” to have a physical keyboard. The Nexus series

Life Size Nexus S At Best Buy Rooted By Halfcab123

Ok so rooting a Nexus S is no big deal, after all it’s the follow up developer phone to the original HTC/Google Nexus One. In other words this phone is supposed to be easy to root.  However it’s not so easy to root when the Nexus S is four feet tall and displayed in a

Nexus S On All Three Carriers Free Today At Best Buy

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Sprint Nexus S 4G it’s free today at Best Buy. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Nexus S on T-Mobile it’s free today at Best Buy. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Nexus S on AT&T it’s

Unboxing & Quick Look At The Nexus S 4G

When the Nexus One was released Google had said they would release the first Android developer phone to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The Verizon Wireless version never came. We got the HTC Droid Incredible instead, while it was a great device it wasn’t the Nexus One. Fast forward a year and the follow up


Cyanogen Mod CM7 RC1 Is Now Available

Ok for all you Cyanogen and Team Douche users the day has arrived. The first release candidate for Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7) is now available.  CM7 RC 1 is available for the following devices: Nexus One T-Mobile G2 MyTouch 4G Evo 4G As with all Cyanogen mods it’s based on the Gingerbread AOSP but has

Nexus S Rooted, Wow That Didn’t Take Long

It’s only been about 8 and a half hours since the release of the Samsung Nexus S at Best Buy stores, but in that short amount of time the developers over at XDA have gained root access to the Samsung Nexus S. The Samsung Nexus S is the first Android device to come out of

Information For Thursday: Nexus S Day

Best Buy stores have given out the information you need to know if you’re looking to purchase a Samsung Nexus S on Thursday. While the verdict is out on how much of a follow up the Nexus S is to the original Nexus One, there are still a lot of people interested in purchasing the