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Nexus One and Nexus S get Android 4.4 ROMs from XDA

Nexus One

Nexus OneThe first ever Nexus smartphone was launched by HTC back in 2010 which went by the name of Nexus One. This was followed by the Samsung made Nexus S in late 2010. Both smartphones have long been out of Google’s official update cycle, but the developer community hasn’t rested for a second. Developers at XDA have worked on two working and partially stable ROMs for the Nexus One and the Nexus S respectively.

While the Nexus One ROM isn’t quite stable due to hardware limitations, the Nexus S ROM appears to be functional for the most part. There were some issues with the graphics drivers and some core Google apps not functioning properly, but the ROM is apparently stable enough to work as your daily driver. It’s very unlikely that many would still use the Nexus One or the Nexus S as their primary device, but if they do, this new ROM is worth a try.

Android 4.4 KitKat was supposed to support older devices with no hardware limitations, but strangely that hasn’t applied to Google’s own devices like the Galaxy Nexus. So it’s very reassuring to have the developer community backing a device as old as the Nexus One and the Nexus S.

Source: XDA

Via: Talk Android

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Exclusivity Mystery Takes Another Turn

As we were leading up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the rumors were hot and heavy about Verizon Wireless carrying the device. First we heard it was a Verizon Wireless exclusive. At that rumor we were all up in arms because a Nexus branded device should never be exclusive, afterall it’s the “developer phone”.

Then when we saw the device launched late on the night of October 18th we heard no mention of Verizon Wireless. The only carrier announced when Google and Samsung did their press conference was Japan’s DoCoMo.  Still no official word about Verizon Wireless.

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Sadness: Nexus One Not Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

When the Google started the Nexus program two years ago with the Nexus One it was promised to be a pure “Vanilla” Android experience and it was also promised to get updates rather quickly.  Google has stuck by that promise through Android 2.3.x Gingerbread.

Of course with the improvements in hardware, processor and software we knew a time would come when the specs of the Nexus One would no longer deliver an optimum performance for the newest version of Android. That time has come.

Hugo Berra, Google’s Director of Android Product Management, told the Telegraph today that the Nexus One’s hardware was simply too old to support Android 4.0, dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

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Nexus One Users Get Another Update

If you’re still tried and true to the core and still toting around the original Google/HTC Nexus One then bravo to you.  You somehow managed to realize the Nexus One is still a great device. Albeit a little outdated from the snazzy new dual core processors, hyped up displays and 4G connectivity, you still have the original Nexus (developer) phone.

Google has made an update available to Nexus One users, which is Android 2.3.6. The Nexus One build of 2.3.6 is GRK39F and it’s ready to be downloaded now from here.  I’m sure if you’re reading this story then you already know how to update your Nexus One to this build.

Google says that the update has “important bug fixes and security patches” other than that though there are no known feature enhancements.

source: Pocketnow

No Nexus Branded Phone Is Going To Have A Keyboard

So Dr. Panda Seuss is back with more Samsung Nexus Prime poetry, this time I’m going to get in front of the story before any of my other writers do and just cut right to the chase, Google is not going to allow a phone branded “nexus” to have a physical keyboard.

The Nexus series is a developer series designed to take advantage of Android in it’s most original form.  If you ever go to an Android focused tech event like I/O or Appnation you’ll see all the developer’s in the developer sandboxes using their apps and demoing their apps on a Nexus One or Nexus S. They’re looking for the pure Googlefied experience. In order to develop for the masses you need to have a baseline phone.

Now, well Samsung release a similarly spec’d Android device with a qwerty keyboard? I’m sure they will but it won’t be a Nexus.

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Sprint Lowers The Price Of The Nexus S 4G To $29.99, Free Elsewhere

With the onslaught of high end Android phones expected between now and the Christmas holiday shopping season, Sprint seems to be blowing out their Samsung Nexus S stock.  The Samsung Nexus S 4G is the follow up to the developer hit Nexus One that was produced by HTC.

In Monday’s press conference to highlight the Google acquisition of Motorola, Andy Rubin defended the process for which the OEM to produce the Nexus branded device is chosen.  According to Rubin, Motorola will still need to bid with the other Android OEM’s around Christmas time for next years Nexus device. After the OEM is chosen Google will team with that OEM to chose the vendors for the rest of the components for the device.

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Life Size Nexus S At Best Buy Rooted By Halfcab123

Ok so rooting a Nexus S is no big deal, after all it’s the follow up developer phone to the original HTC/Google Nexus One. In other words this phone is supposed to be easy to root.  However it’s not so easy to root when the Nexus S is four feet tall and displayed in a Best Buy Mobile SWAS in a full big box Best Buy.

The story goes that Halfcab123’s personal Nexus S would not turn on when he woke up on the last day of his return window. So he went ahead and took the phone to Best Buy to get repaired. Luckily he and the Best Buy Geek Squad guy found out that he hadn’t charged it correctly, he says something like he fell asleep and the phone fell off the charger, no big deal.  However Halfcab123 felt the need to kill some time and what better way to do it than to root the life sized Nexus S.

I believe it was Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch that revealed when these big Nexus S’ started showing up in Best Buys, that the giant display is actually an extension of a regular sized Nexus S and fully functional to boot.  So Halfcab123 went about the normal method of rooting and as you can see from the video Super User has appeared and the Nexus S at his Best Buy is now rooted.

Source: HalfCab’s Youtube channel   via Android Pit

Nexus S On All Three Carriers Free Today At Best Buy

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Sprint Nexus S 4G it’s free today at Best Buy.

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Nexus S on T-Mobile it’s free today at Best Buy.

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Nexus S on AT&T it’s free today at Best Buy.

BestBuy is having a one of a kind exclusive sale on Google’s Nexus S Android phone. The Nexus S is a pure Google experience phone and the one that a lot of app developers are using to replace the original Nexus One. It was the first device to introduce us to Android 2.3 Gingerbread and because it’s an official “Google” phone it gets updates quicker than other devices.

Under the hood you have a 1ghz Samsung Hummingbird processor, 16gb of internal storage, dual cameras and an integrated NFC chip.  The Sprint version also features a WiMax radio giving it 4G capability in Sprint 4G markets.

Today, no matter what carrier your on, you can get the Nexus S free with a new two year activation. The sale runs through 11:59pm CST.

source: Best Buy

Unboxing & Quick Look At The Nexus S 4G

When the Nexus One was released Google had said they would release the first Android developer phone to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The Verizon Wireless version never came. We got the HTC Droid Incredible instead, while it was a great device it wasn’t the Nexus One.

Fast forward a year and the follow up device, the Nexus S, this time made by Samsung, has made it to CDMA via Sprint.  In addition, the Nexus S for Sprint also packs a WiMax radio for Sprint’s 4G network.  Now, with the Sprint Nexus S 4G you not only get a vanilla Android experience which was the flagship for Android 2.3, Gingerbread, you also get it on 4G.

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BREAKING! Gingerbread (Android) 2.3.3 Rolling Out To Nexus S And Nexus One

The official Google Nexus One twitter account has just tweeted the Gingerbread, Android 2.3.3 is rolling out to Nexus S and Nexus One. Yes the Nexus S debuted with Android but this latest Gingerbread update is headed to the Nexus One as well.

The Nexus One twitter account asks that you be patient as the OTA may take a little while but it seems that everyone is having a great Android week.  We received a lot of reports from Samsung Epic 4G owners that they actually started to receive their Froyo updates.

Please let us know when you have Gingerbread on your Nexus One

Source: twtitter

Thanks @simvail

Cyanogen Mod CM7 RC1 Is Now Available


Ok for all you Cyanogen and Team Douche users the day has arrived. The first release candidate for Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7) is now available.  CM7 RC 1 is available for the following devices:

Nexus One
T-Mobile G2
MyTouch 4G
Evo 4G

As with all Cyanogen mods it’s based on the Gingerbread AOSP but has a lot of extras in it. This is an RC1 so it’s still in release candidate status and not their full release, but close and ready!  Cyanogen says that “these builds are feature-complete and fairly well tested, but still have some minor tweaking…” He goes onto say that you should find these builds stable enough to use everyday.

Cyanogen gives special thanks on this release to CodeAurora, and He also thanks T-Mobile for opensourcing their theme engine as well as the coders on his team.

New features in CM7 include a revamped and customizable lock screen, a restyled music app, “phone goggles”, and gesture support.

You can find the latest builds in ROM Manager or any of the TDR Mirror sites. Head on over to the Cyanogenmod site now.



TDG Note on CyanogenMod,  XDA, TD and Other Developer sites.
Developers are a great asset to the Android ecosystem. The developers at Cyanogenmod,  TD, XDA and others are working hard to bring you the best possible ROMs and Mods for your Android device. As such please follow their rules for newbies if you have never visited their site and please for the love of god don’t every ask for a timeline or eta.

Nexus S Rooted, Wow That Didn’t Take Long

It’s only been about 8 and a half hours since the release of the Samsung Nexus S at Best Buy stores, but in that short amount of time the developers over at XDA have gained root access to the Samsung Nexus S.

The Samsung Nexus S is the first Android device to come out of the box with Android 2.3 better known as Gingerbread. It sports Vanilla Android and is billed as the follow up to the Nexus One.  The Android community has been debating whether or not this device is worthy of such a title. Now they may have a little more to go on.

Follow the link below for XDA to get the instructions on how to do it yourself, at your own risk of course.

Source: Engadget and XDA

Information For Thursday: Nexus S Day

Best Buy stores have given out the information you need to know if you’re looking to purchase a Samsung Nexus S on Thursday.

While the verdict is out on how much of a follow up the Nexus S is to the original Nexus One, there are still a lot of people interested in purchasing the Nexus S. According to Best Buy there will be stock at every single location and a live demo in case you want some last minute look before making the decision.

– Best Buy Stores will open at 8am local time. This is a “Holiday” hours thing not a special release thing.
– will open at 8AM Eastern Time
– Limit two Nexus S’s per customer
– Nexus S is available for $199 with a new two year T-Mobile agreement and $249.99 for add alines
– The Nexus S is available for $529 without contract
– If you don’t know if you’re eligible for the upgrade the upgrade checker will be avaialble

Source: TmoNews

Tired of Carrier restrictions? Meet the Government Restriction

Tired of the carriers telling you how you can and can’t use your phone? Now lets see how you feel about the good old government of ours doing the same thing… Thats what Raymond LaHood of the Secretary of Transportation wants to do in stopping ALL use of cell phones in the car…

“And I think you’re going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones.”

Worst part is he is not alone… Everyone could remember who took drivers ed those horror video’s we had to watch, now they are going to be making a comeback with the DOT(Department of Transportation) “Faces of Distracted Driving.” The series of online videos tells the stories of several victims of distracted driving which will be a series in which a new video is released every few weeks.

During his talk last week LaHood said that nearly 5,500 people died from distracted driving last year, however of those how many do we know are from using your cellphone in the car and not changing the radio, eating fast food you just picked up or putting on make-up?

Is it really the phones that are the problems or is it everything else and the fact that to many drivers really don’t know how to drive yet are doing so also. Why don’t schools making drivers ed mandatory to graduate… Or if you’ve taken a drivers class you can get the credits instead. While I don’t condone texting and driving for some people, others at least shouldn’t be punished because they know how to drive… I’ve driven at speeds of over 125 on freeway while texting and nothing happened. I also know how to drive as I’ve taken classes on it. I know  if something happens how to control your car in an emergency so I feel that I am well capable of handling it if something happened.

The government wants to stop distractions while we drive… what about all those billboards with flashing lights and food on them to make us look at them INSTEAD of on the road we are driving on. I feel that if laws like this pass where I can’t use the phone in the car I am being punished for people who don’t know how to drive in the beginning and taking the phone out of there hand isn’t the issue… Its the lack of knowing how to control a car. Many of us use our phones now for GPS and Turn-by-Turn navigation… unless the US government now wants to put a GPS in my ’78 Nova I wont use my phone any more for that. Since that wont ever happen sorry I’ll always use my phone in my car while driving… I’ll make calls and even text while driving… I know I’ll get hate comments back about how wrong I am for driving and texting but the fact of the matter is I know how to drive so I’ll keep doing so.