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Nexus 4 Stock Incoming, Due To Hit UK Play Store Later Today



Both the United States and Canada have already seen more Nexus 4 stock, but today Google is now sending out e-mails notifying customers in the United Kingdom that stock is going to be available on the British Play Store shortly here. The next batch of Nexus 4s will be available later today around 5pm GMT, which is a good two hours away from now (at the time of this writing, that is).

If the latest stock that was received in the U.S. and Canada are anything to go by, it shouldn’t sell out as fast as the first batch did. Here in the U.S. Nexus 4s are sold out in their 8 gig storage format while 16 gigs are still available to purchase. Regardless of the stock, lets just hope that there are no technical difficulties in the way this time around. Many users have had issues with these technical difficulties on both the first and second batch of stock in the U.S.

Good luck to everyone over the pond. It’d be nice if there was enough for everyone, but we have expectations that this latest batch will sell out just as quickly as the first batch of stock did. It may be available for an extra 5-10 minutes this time around, but we’re pretty doubtful that this will be anything lasting.

Are you going to try and snag a Nexus 4 this time around or are you waiting for all of the hype to die down before you even bother? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

Google to launch Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie at October 29 Press Event together with new Nexus devices

The buzz surrounding Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie and its features has grown considerably since last week as Google press event nears. Recent reports indicate that the search titan might announce the official features of the next version of its mobile operating system but such claims haven’t been confirmed yet.

Google already sent out invitations to news firms, bloggers and mainstream media to cover the event that would be held in New York City on October 29th. It is the same day as Microsoft’s media event for the launching of its new operating system and devices, and a few days after Apple’s announcement of its iPad Mini took place.

It is during these media events that big companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple would reveal their latest innovations. None of them wants to be left behind in the market they all want to gain advantage of and considering the holidays are coming, late October or early November are the perfect times to make an announcement of what’s coming.

Going back to Key Lime Pie, analysts believe it is just another incremental upgrade like Jelly Bean considering it would still be using Ice Cream Sandwich’s core architecture. A report from iDigitalTimes suggests that among other upgrades, majority of Google-branded apps will also be getting updates. Of course, there is this speculation that the overall performance will be improved drastically but after all what JB has done to ICS, there shouldn’t be too many aspects to be improved now unless Google would be bringing in an all new architecture.

Just a few days ago, Android Police claimed to have received the beta version of Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie through LG Nexus system dump, which also confirmed multiple user accounts. They tried to tear down the OS piece by piece to know what the updates are but it seems like there was no big update Android users could expect. If you want to learn more about every piece of information these guys have gathered during the teardown process, we encourage you to visit their blog.

Furthermore, many are expecting that Google would also reveal LG Nexus 4 on the 29th accompanied by other Nexus-branded devices; among the most recent reports, a 32GB Nexus 7 and $99 Nexus device are most likely to become official. These devices are believed to be showcasing Key Lime Pie when they’re released so it is logical the announcement will be focused on them as well as to the features of the new OS.