Top Android smartphones with the highest screen-to-body ratio

Gadget display borders have made for a delicate, controversial, sometimes even uncomfortable topic basically since the inception of the so-called mobile tech industry. Okay, so maybe this wasn’t really a focal point back when the Nokia 1100 was selling in hundreds of millions of copies, but the prospect of a truly “bezel-less” smartphone captured the

Google/Huawei Nexus 6P vs LG Nexus 5X – specs comparison

They say the smartphone space is slowly but steadily getting too crowded for anyone besides Apple to post a constant profit. Tablets are dying, and conventional PCs linger in purgatory, yet an obvious market saturation seems to prevent handhelds from further growing. As such, it’s no wonder companies like HTC or Microsoft badly want to

[Deal] Unlocked 32GB Nexus 6 for $189.95

The 32GB variant of the #Google #Motorola #Nexus6 is now selling through eBay for just $189.95. The smartphone was originally launched two years ago and hence comes with a fairly outdated hardware specs sheet. But considering the fact that it’s running Android 7.0 Nougat right now, we feel this is a pretty exciting offering. The

[Deal] Unlocked 32GB Nexus 6 for $179.99

The 32GB iteration of the #Motorola #Nexus6 is now selling on eBay for just $179.99. The smartphone comes with a fairly attractive hardware specs sheet underneath, and the fact that it is a Nexus phone should convince prospective buyers of its potential. The handset is fairly large for a modern day smartphone, which makes it

Nexus 6 data connectivity bug fixed by Google

Late last week, we heard about several #Nexus6 users facing data connectivity related issues. Google acknowledged the bug and promised to issue a fix by the beginning of this week. And right on cue, Google has announced now that the fix has been sent out to Nexus 6 devices that were seemingly affected. It is

[Deal] 32GB Nexus 6 for $179.99

Google’s #Nexus6 is now available from eBay for just $179.99. The handset comes with a fairly decent hardware (from late 2014), which should be enough to justify the price tag of $180. The device comes with the latest version of Android preinstalled, which is the key allure of Nexus devices. It’s not too bad in

[Deal] Unlocked 32GB Motorola Nexus 6 for $249.99

The #Motorola #Nexus6 might not have been a massive success for #Google or Motorola, but that’s not to say that the handset wasn’t good enough. Well, one can say that the market just wasn’t ready for an ultra-large smartphone such as the Nexus 6, especially with the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup ruling the large smartphone

[Deal] 32GB Motorola Nexus 6 for $249.99

You can now get the 32GB #Nexus6 in Midnight Blue for just $249.99 thanks to a deal that’s running over at eBay. This is the manufacturer refurb unit of the device, so you’re not exactly getting a shiny new device here. However, the retailer promises that the handset has no scratches or usage marks and

[Deal] 32GB Nexus 6 for $229.99

A new deal on eBay is offering the 32GB version of the #Motorola #Nexus6 smartphone for just $229.99. The seller also had the 64GB model in stock, but it’s currently sold out. Color choices are very limited as you can only get the handset in Midnight Blue. But if that’s not much of a caveat

[Deal] Nexus 6 available for $250 and $300 on Amazon

The #Motorola #Nexus6 is now available for purchase from Amazon for just $249.99 and $299.99 for the 32 and 64GB models respectively. We’ve seen this pricing on the handset before, although it won’t be long before the handset vanishes from online outlets, so we suggest you hurry if you want one last chance of purchasing a

[Deal] Get a Nexus 6 for as low as $249.99

The #Motorola #Nexus6 has officially been removed from the Google Store, thus paving the way for the #Huawei #Nexus6P. The smartphone is now available for even cheaper courtesy of Amazon. The 32GB variant of the 2014 Nexus flagship can be yours for as little as $249.99, while the 64GB variant can be bought for just

Best Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones – current and future

Plenty of chatter, little to no action. That’s how we can sum up the Marshmallow facts thus far, with numerous device manufacturers signaling both officially and unofficially they’re ready to widely adopt the newest Android flavor, yet the early December distribution report showing 6.0 is barely more prevalent than version 2.2. Still, we’ve managed to

Top ten Android smartphones with the best battery life – December 2015

Power banks, aka portable battery chargers, energy packs capable of doubling as protective cases, phones that juice up from 0 to 60 percent capacity or even more in under an hour, wireless charging pads, they’re all imperfect solutions or workarounds for possibly the greatest weakness of most modern-day high-end phones. What good are breathtaking 4K

[Deal] 32GB Nexus 6 selling for $279.99 on eBay

The 2014 Nexus flagship can now be yours in a 32GB avatar for just $279.99 courtesy of a deal running over at eBay. The #Nexus6 here is sold in just Cloud White at the moment with the Midnight Blue model listed as sold out. The smartphone is one of the largest Nexus smartphones (in terms of

[Deal] Nexus 6 selling for $290 on eBay

Earlier today, we spoke of how the trade-ins of the #Nexus4, #Nexus5 and the #Nexus6 had spiked post the arrival of the #Nexus5X and the #Nexus6P smartphones. But with that being said, there’s no denying that there’s still some demand for some of these legacy Nexus devices, especially the Nexus 6 which is selling for very cheap