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Nexus 10 Restocked In The Play Store, Get ‘Em While You Can!

Google’s Samsung-manufactured 32GB Nexus 10 tablet managed to sell out in record time, which was later replaced by the 16GB model. While the device has been sold out for a little while now, Google has restocked their supply (if only they could restock the Nexus 4 supply that fast!). Heading over to the Play Store

XCom Global Offering Up Nexus 10 And Nexus 7 For Rent

The Nexus 7 is probably the most successful Android tablet to this date. Not only that, but it is extremely cheap too at $199. Now, lets say that you want to take your Nexus 7 with you on your travels to another country. You will probably take your tablet with you, but what if you

Which Tablet is Good For You? – Guide

So we’ve now seen plenty of tablets hit stores or preparing to hit stores. The most recent additions being the Nexus 7 (3G variant), Nexus 10, iPad Mini, the fourth-gen iPad, Microsoft Surface RT, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD etc. With the holiday season upon us, people are looking forward to getting one of these

Nexus 7 Sold 1 Million Units This Last Month

Rumors have been surfacing in the past the ASUS and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet has been met with some considerable commercial success. In fact, it might just be greater than most of us originally thought. Today we have seen a strong indication that the Nexus 7 tablet’s performance in the market has been fantastic, as

64GB Nexus 10 Unveiled In A Samsung Korea Promo

There has been no indication or news on a Nexus 10 that would go beyond 32GB of storage, but it does appear that Samsung Korea may be getting ready to double up the max storage tier, which also means that we might be able to see a 64GB version in the Play Store before the

Google Refreshes Its Nexus Lineup

There has been a lot of new releases and announcements this past weekend, so in case you missed all of the big news from Google, we’ve decided to highlight what Google has announced this week. LG Nexus 4 — The LG Nexus 4 is as close to stock Android as you are going to get.

Google unveils Nexus 10 tablet

Google was supposed to launch three new devices today – Nexus 4, Nexus 10 tablet and updated Nexus 7 – but the event was canceled, thanks to hurricane Sandy. Though today’s event was canceled, Google has decided to go ahead and launch the devices anyways. Speaking of Nexus 10 tablet, it has all you would

Pictures of Samsung Nexus 10

Google will be launching three new devices namely, Samsung Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4 and an updated Nexus 7 32 gig version. All the three devices are interesting, and like the Nexus 7 shook the tablet market, even the Samsung Nexus 10 is expected to do the same. Nexus 10 is an interesting device. Even

Samsung Nexus tablet to be announced on October 29th

Nexus range of devices from Google are one of the most sought after devices in the Android market, mostly because they are certified and built by Google themselves in collaboration with various hardware manufacturers. One more interesting feature of these devices is that they get updates directly from Google and the updates don’t have to