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Photos of Next Generation iPhone (5) Housing, Different Parts Leaked. Real or Not?

The alleged photos of different parts of the next generation iPhone (popularly known as iPhone 5) including the complete set of the housing have been leaked online as the device goes into production in preparation for its Fall release.

Japanese repair shop Lab Factory was the first to publish the photos online on its website. The credibility of the firm to publish insider photos was the first that comes into mind for both average users and enthusiasts. Being a repair shop, it should remain private with everything it receives from manufacturers.

There is no information how it acquired these photos but supposing these are real, the company is in big trouble. The Cupertino-based tech giant has always been so private about its new devices that not even the big news firms can get a scoop of information. The truth is, I am expecting that another iPhone prototype will be lost this year by yet another Apple employee just like what happened last year and the year before that.

Also, another Japanese website, Macotakara, published a video on YouTube showing exactly what Lab Factory has shown on photos. The video is a proof that the photos are not rendered graphics but real parts caught on cam.

Both the photos and video showed the rumored two-tone casing of iPhone 5. While everyone waiting for its arrival is excited to finally see what Apple has in store for them, majority turned disappointed as the alleged casing suggests the next generation smartphone looks almost exactly the same as with iPhone 4S as far as design is concerned.

These photos aren’t proven to be iPhone 5’s real shots but they seem to fall in line with rumors revolving around Apple’s next generation smartphone; longer and larger form factor, smaller dock connector, wider screen, and two-tone metallic black color.

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Source: Lab Factory

Apple’s Next Generation iPhone (5) Release Date Set in Fall

Reports indicate that the next generation iPhone (5) will be released in fall with August 7th as the official launch date. This is after experts and analysts speculated that Apple is in the haste of releasing its newest smartphone in a bid to keep up with the competition. The success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the market is the suspected reason why iPhone 5’s release date was moved from October to earlier date.

A report from a Japanese blog, Macotakara, said the smartphone is already in mass production in China and that the handset will come with mostly aluminum back panel with other parts covered with glass giving it a two-tone, glossy color. Previous reports showed that there is a small hole between the device’s camera and flash. This time around, it’s absent.

Putting these reports into perspective, experts in the industry cited that Apple’s iPad took two months before it was released since the report surfaced about its production. Thus, if Apple were to follow the same benchmark, it is most likely that the new handset will be released in early September. But considering the fact that the production of these devices may differ, there could still be a chance that the next generation iPhone will be released in early August, although analysts believe such time is too early for Apple.

A report from Paul Briden of Know Your Mobile cited a “reliable industry source who wishes to remain anonymous” said that Apple will make the official announcement in August 7th confirming earlier reports that the company brought the release date forward next month.

If these reports were true, then iPhone 5 will actually be released in the third week of August. Apple’s history will show it takes, at least, two weeks before a new device is released after the official announcement.

At present, there is no information about the specs and real design of the next gen iPhone. It should also be noted that the term “iPhone 5” is not the official name. The fact is, only Apple knows what the name of its new devices. So, let’s wait and see which report will be realized.